Several Call of Duty: Mobile events are coming this month

March features public tests, new multiplayer modes, and new skins.

Image via Activision

Players who enjoy testing features before their release can rejoice. An update introducing the Public Test Build hit the live servers today in Call of Duty: Mobile.

This limited-time feature will only be available to Android users and will end on March 20. Only the first 30,000 players to download the APK file will be able to enter the test.

It includes the test of the Gun Game Team Fight and two-vs-two modes, the Meltdown map, a new user interface (UI) update, and the Shock RC scorestreak. In-game surveys will collect the opinion of the testers and the developer will adjust the features before releasing them.

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The upcoming events in March were also revealed in a community update, aside from the last week of the month. Several features were launched over the last two days, including the Warzone cross-promotion, introduced on the same date as the CoD: Modern Warfare game mode’s release, the trap master challenge, the HEAVY Shot event, and the mentioned Public Test Build, only available by downloading the specified file.

“We are still looking through the responses about scorestreaks and operator skills from last week’s update and we may reach out to some of you just to thank you for your detailed feedback on that,” Activision said.

Image via Activision

The trap master challenge is an event where players can earn the newest battle royale class called Trap Master early, as well as other rewards for trying out the class.

The multiplayer mode One Shot One Kill was also introduced today for the mobile game. This game mode gathers eight players who have a revolver with limited ammo and who must earn points by killing opponents. As the title suggests, only one shot is necessary to get the kill, but it’s dangerous to miss. This will end on March 19.

Another limited-time multiplayer mode, Snipers Only, will be added from March 16 to 22. The credit store will also be updated next week, but the date wasn’t specified. It will introduce four new weapon skins and a way to buy shards for Zombies items before it’s deleted from the game. More information will be given later about the last week’s events.