Season 3 Relegation Tournament Predictions

This tournament is going to be a good one. Major League Gaming's Season 3 Relegation Tournament is set to take place this weekend in Columbus, Ohio.

This tournament is going to be a good one. Major League Gaming’s Season 3 Relegation Tournament is set to take place this weekend in Columbus, Ohio. 16 teams have qualified through various means and only 4 of them will qualify for Season 3 of the MLG Pro League. Who will make it?

We will try to make some predictions, but this tournament is going to be crazy. Without the top 8 teams from professional Call of Duty in attendance, there are no clear front-runners; all of the teams have a chance to shine!

The old Enigma 6 roster was likely to qualify in the tournament. They were extremely impressive at UMG Cali where they took 3rd place, defeating a host of professional teams, including several teams they may match up with this weekend. Unfortunately, the team broke up and only two of the original players remain (any less and they would not be able to play at the Relegation Tournament). Now, General and Ruiz are joined by two new players, Proto and Holler, who  have not had a large impact in the competitive Call of Duty scene at the top tier. Had their original roster stuck, I would say they qualify, Now with this roster I say they are knocked out of the winner’s bracket first round by Team Orbit, a squad of veteran Pro League players.

Teams coming fresh off of Season 2 include Optic Nation, Prophecy, and Automatic Reload (JusTuS gave their spot to E6). Optic Nation has a slightly different line-up from what they fielded previously, but it might not be enough for them to qualify. They were relegated at the end of Season 1, however, and have a knack for coming in clutch when it really matters. Can they make it back again?

Prophecy is a team I was surprised to see perform so poorly in the league. With Aches, Apathy, Aqua, and Octane, I see them moving through the winner’s bracket with ease and qualifying for Season 3.

Automatic Reload has never been a strong team, in my opinion, so I don’t see them qualifying this weekend. The top 4 teams I do have qualifying?

Prophecy, vVv, Orbit, and Epsilon. 

Yes, I am a bit biased here because I am a fan of Team Orbit, but can you blame me? You have to root for the home team! Anyway, they have a good shot at qualifying in most people’s opinion.

The vVv roster is stacked with veteran players, so they shouldn’t have too much trouble qualifying either (yes, I like veteran squads).

You may be wondering why in my first round predictions below, I have Epsilon losing first round to sB. The roster is a mixture of European and American players, so I expect them start off a bit slow and then bring it back in the loser’s bracket, simply because the talent is there.

The first round match ups are shown below. Comment and let me know what you think!

First round predictions:

ON over G4G

iSo over 3sUP

Orbit over E6

vVv over Vexx

aR over dT P

sB over Epsilon

SYN over dT B

Proph over Mutiny


Tune in to to watch the matches live!