Scump discusses his CDL future once more, saying ‘practice every day feels like a chore if it’s a bad game’

The quality of CoD 2021 could decide the Ginja Ninja's fate.

Photo via ©2021 Call of Duty League

One of competitive Call of Duty’s all-time greats and biggest stars is uncertain about his future and thinks that the quality of the next game could decide if he continues to play in the Call of Duty League.

The future of Scump’s competitive career has been in question for the better part of a year now and he addressed it again as part of a podcast with Hecz, Envoy, and Maniac. It sounds like he may be undecided as of now—and how he feels about the next CoD title could decide what he does next.

The discussion began when Hecz brought up a clip from Scump’s stream where he was talking about next season in the CDL. In the clip, the OpTic Chicago star said his contract is up at the end of this year and he’s “going to have to see what [the next CoD title] looks like” before he signs another one.

“I just like to compete,” Scump said when asked by Hecz about his future. “I’d obviously prefer to have the game be good and compete in it, but I just enjoy competing in general. If you have a good game, it just makes it more enjoyable for us to compete in. If you have a bad game, we’re still competing, but we might not even like competing in that game. Getting on to practice every day feels like a chore if it’s a bad game. If it’s a good game, you’re like ‘I like playing this game, it’s fun to practice every day.'”

Envoy then chimed in and made the point that pros don’t enjoy playing “8s” in Black Ops Cold War, meaning eight-man lobbies where players will draft teams and play against each other for fun or for wagers. It appears many pros don’t enjoy playing the current game outside of pro matches and it sounds like Scump’s future may hinge on how he feels about the next games.

“I’ve heard a lot of bad things,” Scump said about the upcoming CoD title, rumored to be set in World War II. “Just like rumors, I don’t know if they’re true, because they are rumors. Just like, it’s underdeveloped, they don’t have the staff to do it, it’s a rushed game. Cold War kind of feels like a little bit of a rushed game, so if there’s another year of this…” and he trailed off.

Scump and OpTic Chicago sit in fifth place overall in the Call of Duty League with only one event remaining in the 2021 regular season. They’re already guaranteed a spot at the CDL Championship next month and they have a first-round bye in the Stage Five Major this weekend.