Prize Pool Announced for Call of Duty XP

The prize pool and rules for the 2016 Call of Duty XP LAN event were just announced.

The official rules for the 2016 Call of Duty XPLAN event were just released, and with these rules came theofficial breakdown of the prize pool for this $2 milliontournament. 

Here is a breakdown of the prize pool for this event, takingplace in Los Angeles, California on Sept. 1-4. The money listedbelow is the amount that will be evenly distributed amongst theplayers on that specific team. 

First place: $800,000

Second place: $250,000

Third place: $150,000

Fourth place: $120,000

Fifth/Sixth place (two teams): $70,000

Seventh/Eighth place (two teams): $50,000

Nineth/12th place (four teams): $30,000

13th/16th place (four teams): $20,000

17th/24th place (eight teams): $15,000

25th/32nd place (eight teams):$15,000 

You can read about the rules, including the maps that will beplayed in each round, here

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