PlayStation gets more exclusive Call of Duty: Modern Warfare content in season 2

PS4 players get more exclusive stuff tomorrow.

Image via Activision

PlayStation 4 players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be getting some more exclusive content when season two launches tomorrow, Sony announced today.

In a new post on the PlayStation Blog, Sony confirmed that PS4 players will be getting a new Spec Ops Survival map in Azhir Cave and a new blueprint for an LMG called Lucky Strike.

Image via Activision

“A Legendary LMG Blueprint can be earned through an exclusive mission,” the blog post reads. “Similar to Season One’s Jack Frosty Blueprint, navigate to the Missions tab in Barracks and activate the Lucky Strike mission. Complete each step of a multi-step challenges to earn XP along the way to adding the Lucky Strike to your arsenal.”

Azhir Cave is the same map you know from Modern Warfare’s multiplayer. But this time, it’s playable in the timed exclusive Survival mode, which pits players against never-ending waves of enemies.

“Enter the desert wasteland of Azhir Cave to battle waves of opponents,” Sony said. “The layout of Azhir Cave gives players different ways to experience the match and fight for Survival. Take to the cave to smoke out enemies, set traps, and block and control entry points. Or, players can find the high ground on the southwest of the map near the Coalition spawn in Multiplayer and try and funnel enemies to the valley below for easier eliminations.”

Modern Warfare’s season two launches tomorrow, Feb. 11, with new Operators, maps, weapons, and a Battle Pass with 100 tiers of unlocks.

This new content and all other Sony-exclusive content will become available to the game on other platforms on Oct. 1, 2020.