OpTic reveals new series, ‘THE PROCESS,’ detailing H3CZ’s recovery of the brand and more

Episode one, "The Re-building of OpTic," is available now.

Screengrab via OpTic Gaming

Another season of Call of Duty means there’s another series from the content machine that is Hector “H3CZ” Rodriguez and OpTic.

"The Process" is a new YouTube series by OpTic, a behind-the-scenes show that puts H3CZ front and center, along with the core roster of OpTic Chicago, the Call of Duty League team.

In the first episode, titled "The Re-building of OpTic," H3CZ reveals his thoughts behind losing OpTic in 2019 before buying the brand back at the end of 2020. His attachment and dedication to the organization were on full display.

"If I am really to sit here and tell you what comes next, I don't think that I can," H3CZ said. "I don't think that I can simply because this is bonus, this is the cherry-on-top stuff. Everything I wanted to accomplish with OpTic has been accomplished. Me being able to prove myself, along with the help of my friends, in building a brand new brand again, like that happened. For me to get OpTic back and get a second crack at it, it's just the cherry on top."

Also in the episode, Dashy arrives in Texas to join up with Scump, Envoy, and FormaL as OpTic Chicago prepares to play in the online CDL season. H3CZ also takes the team out to dinner along with BigTymer, Team Summertime, and more.

"I've accomplished everything that I wanted to do in life," H3CZ said. "This thing is just me competing against myself to do it again, or me trying to lap somebody else that's in competition with me. I already did it once, I already went around the lap once, so get ready because you are about to get lapped."

The episode ends with a teaser of Scump being interviewed about his future. The 2021 season is the final season of his contract and his future is a question that Call of Duty fans are looking at moving forward.

The 2021 Call of Duty League season officially begins next month.