OpTic Chicago put on dominating performance in 3-1 win over Los Angeles Thieves

Scump turned back the clock and put on a show.

Photo via MLG

After a stunning upset loss to the Seattle Surge on June 10, OpTic Chicago bounced back with an emphatic 3-1 victory over the Los Angeles Thieves today. OpTic showcased their dominant form in the series’ three respawn maps, going 3-0. 

OpTic’s individual stats were dominant across the board, going an incredible 85 kills positive over the series’ four maps. FormaL had the lowest K/D on the team with a 1.29 while Scump led the way with an impressive 1.56 K/D. Chicago head into the Call of Duty League Stage Four major with a 3-2 record in group play, good for second in their group. 

Chicago are a team that can be up or down on any given night, but if Chicago put on this kind of performance, it’s hard to see anyone beating them. Next week’s major tournament is the first event the Call of Duty League has had in person in over a year, and OpTic’s Envoy is excited about the prospect of playing on LAN. 

“I mean, yeah, LAN’s LAN,” the star SMG player said. “We’re back on a fair playing field and we’re just excited to get back.” 

Los Angeles seemed to have turned a corner with their new lineup of SlasheR, Huke, TJHaLy, and Kenny after a hard-fought loss at the hands of the Minnesota ROKKR on earlier in the week. Despite the loss, the Thieves played well and it looked like a match they could build off of heading into next week’s major. But the performance today left little to be inspired about since they were out-slayed by 85 kills in the 3-1 loss. 

Kenny led the way with a 0.86 K/D while TJHaLy and SlasheR struggled, posting K/Ds of 0.58 and 0.61. Los Angeles has made many changes to its roster in the past month so it’s unlikely we will see any more shuffling of the roster. Still, this team has been playing together for less than a week and has a high ceiling, especially on LAN.