Online qualifier match results for 2022 Call of Duty League Major 3

Major Three is on the horizon.

Photo via Call of Duty League

The second half of the 2022 Call of Duty League season is here, which means all 12 teams will be attempting to capture some momentum as the standings become increasingly more important.

Other than the first Pro-Am Classic, which featured four Challengers teams and did not offer any CDL Points, the teams have had a lengthy break from competition to tinker with new players, roles, and expectations for the next round of qualifying matches for Major Three. And like the first two sets of qualifying matches, the teams will be vying to secure a favorable seed in the next Major, which will take place in Toronto from June 2 to 5.

The London Royal Ravens, New York Subliners, and Minnesota RØKKR have made changes to the rosters that fans may remember from Major Two. Harry is now a starter for London in place of Gismo, KiSMET has returned to the CDL to replace Neptune for NYSL, and Havok is also back in the league as MajorManiak’s replacement in the RØKKR lineup. Additionally, Major One champions OpTic Texas will temporarily be without iLLeY, who is recovering from a thumb injury that ultimately caused him to be pulled out of the starting lineup during the Pro-Am Classic. In his place will be Byron “Prolute” Vera, a Challengers player who won the Challengers North American finals last year.

Regardless of the rosters, each team will play five online seeding matches over the next three weeks. The top eight teams will be placed in the winners bracket, while the bottom four teams will begin the third Major in the losers bracket.

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Here are the results from the 2022 Call of Duty League’s Major Three online qualifier matches, updated with the most recent match on top.

Saturday, May 21

Atlanta FaZe vs. Boston Breach

Atlanta win 3-0

  • Bocage Hardpoint: 250-195 Atlanta
  • Desert Siege Search and Destroy: 6-2 Atlanta
  • Berlin Control: 3-2 Atlanta

Minnesota RØKKR vs. Florida Mutineers

Minnesota win 3-1

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-114 Florida
  • Tuscan Search and Destroy: 6-4 Minnesota
  • Tuscan Control: 3-2 Minnesota
  • Bocage Hardpoint: 250-201 Minnesota

Seattle Surge vs. Los Angeles Thieves

Seattle win 3-0

  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-205 Seattle
  • Desert Siege Search and Destroy: 6-2 Seattle
  • Berlin Control: 3-0 Seattle

New York Subliners vs. Paris Legion

New York win 3-0

  • Bocage Hardpoint: 250-146 New York
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-1 New York
  • Gavutu Control: 3-0 New York

Friday, May 20

Florida Mutineers vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas

Florida win 3-1

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-230 Florida
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-5 Los Angeles
  • Gavutu Control: 3-1 Florida
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-168 Florida

Minnesota RØKKR vs. Toronto Ultra

Minnesota win 3-2

  • Bocage Hardpoint: 250-226 Toronto
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-3 Toronto
  • Tuscan Control: 3-1 Minnesota
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-237 Minnesota
  • Desert Siege Search and Destroy: 6-4 Minnesota

Boston Breach vs. London Royal Ravens

Boston win 3-1

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-176 London
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-5 Boston
  • Berlin Control: 3-0 Boston
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-217 Boston

Sunday, May 15

New York Subliners vs. Boston Breach

New York win 3-1

  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-228 New York
  • Tuscan Search and Destroy: 6-4 Boston
  • Gavutu Control: 3-1 New York
  • Berlin Hardpoint: 250-209 New York

Los Angeles Thieves vs. Minnesota RØKKR

Minnesota win 3-0

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-211 Minnesota
  • Tuscan Search and Destroy: 6-2 Minnesota
  • Berlin Control: 3-2 Minnesota

Seattle Surge vs. Paris Legion

Seattle win 3-1

  • Bocage Hardpoint: 250-233 Seattle
  • Tuscan Search and Destroy: 6-3 Paris
  • Berlin Control: 3-0 Seattle
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-232 Seattle

Saturday, May 14

Minnesota RØKKR vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas

Minnesota win 3-0

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-171 Minnesota
  • Bocage Search and Destroy: 6-3 Minnesota
  • Tuscan Control: 3-1 Minnesota

OpTic Texas vs. Florida Mutineers

OpTic win 3-0

  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-186 OpTic
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-3 OpTic
  • Berlin Control: 3-1 OpTic

Seattle Surge vs. Toronto Ultra

Toronto win 3-2

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-199 Toronto
  • Desert Siege Search and Destroy: 6-3 Seattle
  • Berlin Control: 3-1 Seattle
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-246 Toronto
  • Tuscan Search and Destroy: 6-0 Toronto

Paris Legion vs. London Royal Ravens

London win 3-2

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-209 Paris
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-1 London
  • Berlin Control: 3-1 London
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-226 Paris
  • Bocage Search and Destroy: 6-2 London

Friday, May 13

New York Subliners vs. Atlanta FaZe

Atlanta win 3-1

  • Berlin Hardpoint: 250-229 New York
  • Bocage Search and Destroy: 6-5 Atlanta
  • Gavutu Control: 3-1 Atlanta
  • Tuscan Hardpoint: 250-225 Atlanta

OpTic Texas vs. Los Angeles Guerrillas

OpTic win 3-0

  • Bocage Hardpoint: 250-225 OpTic
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-3 OpTic
  • Berlin Control: 3-1 OpTic

Los Angeles Thieves vs. London Royal Ravens

Los Angeles win 3-0

  • Gavutu Hardpoint: 250-214 LAT
  • Berlin Search and Destroy: 6-4 LAT
  • Berlin Control: 3-1 LAT