New York Subliners signs Spart to academy roster

The talented player has found a new home.

The New York Subliners added Kris “Spart” Cervantez to the organization’s Call of Duty League academy team today. Spart will join Prolute, who was signed to the team earlier this month

Spart spent part of the inaugural Call of Duty League season with the Los Angeles Guerrillas last year. He was released from the team at the end of the season and has since competed with several pick-up squads, often alongside Prolute. 

Prolute and Spart finished in second place in the Atlanta FaZe Cold War Clash and the fourth 2021 NA Call of Duty Challengers Cup. The duo also secured a first-place finish in the Toronto Ultra 5k Holiday Snack 2020. Spart also finished in second place in the first 2021 NA Call of Duty Challengers Cup and has competed in several other Black Ops Cold War tournaments. 

Spart and Prolute are the only confirmed players on New York’s academy team right now since Diamondcon recently moved into the CDL starting roster. ZooMaa retired from competing last week due to a returning wrist injury, which opened a spot on the team for Diamondcon. But this left the academy team with another empty spot. 

Prolute and Spart have recently been playing with CoD veteran Saints and amateur player GloFrosty. It’s unclear if they’ll fill the last two spots on the team, but New York already has a solid foundation for an excellent amateur squad. Many fans are excited for Spart to have another chance to prove his skill and potentially move into the professional league again in the future.