MLG Pro League Season 3: Week 1 Recap (Post-Reset)

Here is a detailed recap of all the action in Week 1 of the MLG Pro League, post-reset.

After a break in the action and a reset of all the teams’ records, Season 3 of the Major League Gaming Pro League for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare has resumed play. As a reminder, each team will start over with an 0-0 record and each team will play 11 matches, one against each team in the league. All 12 teams in Season 3 will be attending the Season 3 playoffs LAN event in September, and the standings at the end of the reset will be used for seeding.

To prevent the DDoS attack problems that caused this reset in the first place, all matches post-reset are being pre-recorded on undisclosed dates and times.


Here is a brief day-by-day recap of each match from the past week of the MLG season.

Day 1 (8/12):

  • Denial eSports 3-1 Epsilon.NA
  • iSolation Empire 3-1 OpTic Nation
  • OpTic Nation 3-0 Epsilon.NA
  • iSolation Empire 3-1 Denial eSports
  • Denial eSports 3-1 OpTic Nation
  • Epsilon.NA 3-2 iSolation Empire

Day 1 was a strange start to the new season, filled with a bunch of upsets if you keep in mind how teams were playing prior to the reset. Denial eSports was able to take down both Epsilon.NA and OpTic Nation 3-1, but fell to iSolation Empire 3-1. iSo also took down OpTic Nation 3-1, but lost 3-2 to Epsilon, ending the night with a record of 2-1. OpTic Nation went 1-2 on the night, as they took Epsilon down 3-0 and lost 3-1 to both Denial and iSo. Epsilon also closed the night with a 1-2 record, rounding out the first day of the new season.

Day 2 (8/13):

  • FaZe Clan 3-2 Team EnVy
  • Team Kaliber 3-2 TCM Gaming
  • TCM Gaming 3-2 FaZe Clan
  • Team EnVy 3-0 Team Kaliber
  • FaZe Clan 3-0 Team Kaliber
  • Team EnVy 3-1 TCM Gaming

On Day 2, FaZe Clan started right where they left off before the reset, with a 3-2 win against Team EnVy and a 3-0 win over Team Kaliber before shockingly falling to TCM Gaming 3-2. That was TCM’s only win of the day, as they followed up that impressive win with a 3-2 loss to Team Kaliber and a 3-1 loss to EnVy. EnVy was able to come away with two victories after their loss to FaZe, taking down Team Kaliber 3-0 and TCM 3-1, while Team Kaliber went 1-2, losing 3-0 to both FaZe and EnVy before earning a 3-2 win over TCM.

With only two days, the beginning of the reset was short and simple. Check back here after next week’s games to stay updated on the league.

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