MLG Columbus: Day Two Recap

Day two concluded the Pool Play Groups and placed teams into the Championship Winner’s and Loser’s Brackets in preparation for Sunday.

Day two concluded the Pool Play Groups and placed teams into the Championship Winner’s and Loser’s Brackets in preparation for Sunday.

OpTic Gaming (1) vs. Noble eSports (24) – Alpha

Retreat – Hardpoint: In one of the most intense hardpoint matches of the tournament, OpTic Gaming managed to squeeze out a 207-197 win thanks to some clutch last minute kills by NaDeSHoT. They took a 1-0 series lead with that victory.

Terrace – Search and Destroy: OpTic Gaming struggled in the Search and Destroy. Mirx managed to clutch a crucial round to give Noble a 4-1 lead. They went on to win the game 6-2 and tied the series 1-1.

Bio Lab – Capture the Flag: After the first side, Noble managed to hold a slim 2-1 lead. However, OpTic turned up the intensity and they managed to tie the game 3-3 to force overtime. However, Noble made quick work of the game in Overtime to win the game and go up 2-1 in the series.

Detroit – Uplink: Facing possible elimination from the Championship bracket, OpTic needed to come out strong in Game 4 to stay alive in the series. The game started of very evenly, with a tie score of 2-2 at half. However, OpTic clutched up and took the game 4-2 to tie the series 2-2.

Riot – Search and Destroy: OpTic Gaming started off strong and took the early lead in Game 5. However, Noble brought it back to 5-5 and forced a Round 11. OpTic managed to clutch up and win the last round and took the series 3-2.

FaZe Pro (5) vs. Team Vitality (25) – Bravo

Solar – Hardpoint: Vitality struggled in overall map control and slaying against FaZe and ended up losing the game 161-192, and going down one round in the series. FaZe seemed to capitalize on every hill to take the first game.

Bio Lab – Search and Destroy: Vitality was able to quickly make adjustments and retain composure going into the second round. Rounds went back and forth, but in the end Vitality came out on top winning a close game 6-5, and tying the series 1-1.

Retreat – Capture the Flag: Both teams started off hot, looking to take a round advantage in the series. Both FaZe and Vitality played very evenly and ended up tying the game 1-1 forcing overtime. Luckily, FaZe was able to make a quickcapture winning 2-1 in OT and going up in the series 2-1.

Comeback – Uplink: FaZe and Vitality were able to trade both two point and point captures, but came out in FaZe’s favor. FaZe ended up winning 11-7, closing out the series 3-1.

Denial eSports (3) vs. Team Vitality (25) – Alpha

Retreat – Hardpoint: Off the start, Vitality took control of the first hill with Gotaga getting a four piece to give them some breathing room. Gotaga got on an eight killstreak by the third hill to help his team close the gap. Throughout the match Denial was able to take control throughout the second part of the game with Saints going 45-37 with 10 captures. Denial took the map 220-170, and the first round of the series.

Terrace – Search and Destroy: Denial did go up round one with Gotaga and Zooma trading two kills each in Zooma’s favor. Vitality was able to bring it tied 2-2, but Denial continue to outslay and shut down their opponents with Attach going 10-2 with a six killstreak to give his team the win 6-2, taking round two in the series.

Bio Lab – Capture the Flag: The match started off real quickly as both Replays and Gotoga go 3-1 off the start. Vitality quickly gained a two cap advantage with kills dropping left and right. Vitality began to turtle and Denial took advantage of it tying the game 2-2. Gotoga gets a three piece stopping Denial’s pull, and helps his team to counter pull and cap in the last 50 seconds winning the game 3-2. Vitality now down 1-2 in the series.

Detroit – Uplink: Denial did force Vitality to turtle in their base resulting in Saints almost getting a throw, but was quickly stopped. Tommy later in the game got a pass from his teammate to dunk it into Denial’s portal giving them a 2-0 lead. Denial turned up within the last 50 seconds of the game getting two dunks making a 4-2 lead to comeback and take the series 3-0.

Team Kaliber (8) vs. Noble eSports (24) – Bravo

Solar – Hardpoint: Team Kaliber extended an early lead to 88-33. They continued to play excellent by outslaying their opponents, and even Goonjar got on a 12 killstreak at one point to close out the game 250-141, and take game one in the series.

Bio Lab – Search and Destroy: This match was played very evenly throughout the entire game with both teams winning and losing rounds back to back. It came out in tK’s favor as they had won the first round, along with Looney getting an ace and 12 kills to his name. tK won 6-5 and continued the series up 2-0.

Retreat – Capture the Flag: tK started out strong getting three of Noble’s players down immediately, but nothing became of it as Noble quickly got a capture in response going into the second half. Within a few minutes into the second half, Theory made an amazing play tying the game 1-1. Theory again was able to sneak past enemy lines and get the game winning tiebreaker with one minute left on the clock to win 2-1, and take the series with a 3-0 sweep.

JusTus Pro (2) vs. Automatic Reload (15) – Alpha

Bio Lab – Hardpoint: Both teams played very balanced throughout the beginning of Game 1. However, JusTus eventually started to increase their lead. and managed to win the map 250-195 and go up 1-0 in the series.

Detroit – Search and Destroy: aR came in hot, winning back to back rounds and multiple gunfights taking a quick 6-1 win against JusTus. aR was able to tie up the series 1-1 in a dominating fashion.

Comeback – Uplink: Both teams were able to make captures and counters, keeping the majority of the game very close. In the end, JusTus came out on top closely winning the game 9-7 to take the lead up 2-1 in the series.

Ascend – Capture the Flag: aR was not going down without a fight and continued to play very aggressively in this match against JusTus. Each team were able to get a capture down, but JusTus made huge plays in the end winning 2-1. JusTus took the series 3-1.

FaZe Pro (6) vs. Stunner Gaming (11) – Bravo

Solar – Hardpoint: FaZe started the game off strong, having map control for the majority of the game leading 111-43 with six minutes left on the clock. Stunner attempted to to gain hill control and comeback, but simply couldn’t pull it out. FaZe took the game 177-229, and the first round in the series.

Recovery – Search and Destroy: Stunner played very cautiously going into the second round by playing for their picks. They started off strong with a 5-2 lead against FaZe. However, FaZe continued to mount a comeback winning 6-5 with Censor getting the ace in the last round to go up 2-0 in the series.

Detroit – Uplink: FaZe, again, started off strong, with Slasher jumping into Stunner’s portal with no contest gaining a 2-0 lead. Stunner was able to get a throw in trailing down 1-2, but continued to get outplayed into the second half against FaZe., who won the game 5-3 and the series 3-0.

Aware Gaming (4) vs. Strictly Business (13) – Alpha

Solar – Hardpoint: Aware being the fan favorites came in and looked to dominate sB. Surprisingly, sB wasn’t going to let go very easily, having kept the hardpoint game very even. Aware was able to capitalize on the important hills giving them the 230-178 win and first round in the series

Recovery – Search and Destroy: With a distraught sB squad, Aware was able to obtain some early rounds. sB quickly adapted to how Aware was playing, and ended up winning 6-3, tying up the series 1-1.

Detroit – Uplink: Going into Uplink both team were able to get a two point captures in the first half. Going into the second half, sB played very aggressively till the end to hold out with a one point throw to win the game 3-2, and go up in the series 2-1.

Bio Lab – Capture the Flag: Aware was looking to tie up the series, but sB was determined to end it. After an evenly played matchup, sB was able to grab a sneaky capture and win the game 1-0, and take the series 3-1.

Rise Nation (7) vs. OpTic Nation (10) – Bravo

Solar – Hardpoint: The game ended up tying 198-198 with great plays from both teams resulting in a re-play.

Solar – Hardpoint (Replay): OpTic Nation started the game off strong retaining a small lead of 112-98 with five minutes left against Rise. Rise was able to gain hill control and make a comeback taking the lead 167-148, but was later diminished as ON ended up winning 197-189, and going up 1-0 in the series.

Recovery – Search and Destroy: Rounds went down between the two teams back and forth until Rise gained a 5-3 lead. ON was able to force Whea7s into a 1v2 taking that round to trail 4-5. Rise closed out the game 6-4, tying the series.

Detroit – Uplink: Rise. for the most part. outslayed ON in the first half leading to Pacman’s dunk gaining a two point advantage. Again in the second half, Pacman was able to dunk yet another two points to go up 4-0. Shortly after, Chino relayed and got a two point capture for himself winning the game 6-0, and going up 2-1 in the series.

Bio Lab – Capture the Flag: Rise quickly grabbed the flag off the break and made an impressive two capture lead. MBoZe was able to sneak in two captures to tie the game 2-2 ending the first half. ON took this momentum to continuously run flags in and win the game 6-3 forcing a game five to end the series.

Terrace – Search and Destroy: OpTic Nation took their momentum to turn game five into complete domination, 6-0’ing Rise Nation on the spot to take the close series 3-2.

Denial eSports (3) vs. Team EnVyUs (5) – Alpha

Detroit – Hardpoint: Both teams played very aggressively off the break, but Denial got the upperhand in the slaying department. Denial was able to win a semi-close game against nV winning 241-207, and the first round in the series.

Riot – Search and Destroy: Yet again, another SnD game traded rounds consecutively leading to a 6-5 victory in Denial’s favor. They would end up taking a 2-0 series lead.

Retreat – Capture the Flag: Both teams were able to get a capture each in the first half and were evenly matched. Later in the second half, nV was able to get a capture and win the game 2-1 with a spectacular capture. They cut the series lead to 2-1 in favor of Denial.

Comeback – Uplink: With momentum that nV gained from the previous match, they would be looking to dominate this game. nV didn’t back down at all playing very aggressively doubling Denial’s score to win the game 12-6 in points, forcing a game five now being tied 2-2.

Recovery – Search and Destroy: Just like the last SnD match, both teams were playing very cautiously looking to trade kills and rounds. Both teams played an even game and forced a round 11. nV came out victorious, winning 6-5, and taking the series closely 3-2.

Prophecy (9) vs. OpTic Nation (10) – Bravo

Detroit – Hardpoint: ON was hungry to continue the recent success they had against Rise Nation going into hardpoint against a strong-sided Prophecy. ON was able to come out victorious winning 250-212, and going up 1-0 in the series.

Riot – Search and Destroy: A very heated team Prophecy was looking to even out the series. Prophecy was able to outslay their opponents to win 6-1, and tie the series 1-1.

Retreat – Capture the Flag: ON looked to come back this round after being dominated by Prophecy. Starting off both teams traded captures consecutively, until late in the second half when ON was able to win 5-4, going up 2-1 in the series.

Comeback – Uplink: Prophecy and OpTic Nation started out hot in kills and captures. Both teams got some brilliant plays and trades, finishing out in Prophecy’s advantage winning 9-7. This forced a game five now being tied 2-2 in the series.

Recovery – Search and Destroy: After that match, there was a fire lit under Prophecy to just finish out a long night of competing. And they did so, beating ON with a 6-0 sweep in game five to win the intense series 3-2.

FaZe Pro (6) vs. Strictly Business (13) – Alpha

Detroit – Hardpoint: FaZe came out of the gates aggressively, and held a lead for a majority of the game. They ended up taking the game by a score of 223-188.

Riot – Search and Destroy: Strictly Business responded well and played the S&D very well to win the game 6-4 and tie the series up at 1-1.

Retreat – Capture the Flag: Again, the other team responded well, as FaZe took a 1-0 lead going into the second side. However, sB turned the tables on FaZe and ended up winning the game 2-1 and going up 2-1 in the lead.

Comeback – Uplink: FaZe needed to get things going to stay alive in the series. They ended up taking a 6-2 lead into the second half. They kept the pressure on and won the game 10-6 to force a deciding game five.

Recovery – Search and Destroy: FaZe looked dominant in their last game of the day. They ended up winning 6-3 and took the series 3-2 to guarantee themselves T6 in the tournament.

Rise Nation (7) vs. Carnage (12) – Bravo

Retreat – Hardpoint: Looking to bounce back after a rough start to the tournament, Carnage needed to come out strong and take the first game. However, Rise put a halt to that and showed up big to win the game 222-162.

Detroit – Search and Destroy: Rise played very well off the rip in Game 2. They ended up taking a 5-3 lead before Carnage came back to tie it up. In Round 11, Carnage managed to pull off the win and tie the series up at 1-1.

Ascend – Capture the Flag: Both teams played the first half of CTF very defensively, resulting in a scoreless tie going into the second side. Rise Nation turned it on and ended up winning the game 3-0 and getting one game closer to advancing.

Bio Lab – Uplink: Facing elimination, Carnage played like their lives were on the line and came up with some crucial and clutch defensive plays in route to a 6-4 win. The victory would force a deciding Game 5 of S&D.

Solar – Search and Destroy: Carnage played very well on Solar S&D against iLLmatic gaming and it carried over to their match against Rise. Huke came up with a 1v2 clutch as Carnage won the game 6-3. With the win, Carnage eliminated Rise Nation from the tournament.

Team Kaliber (8) vs. Carnage (12) – Bravo

Detroit – Hardpoint: Carnage has been one of the underestimated teams to make it into the Winner’s Bracket, yet tK wasn’t joking around. tK was able to win 250-173 leading the series now up 1-0 against Carnage.

Riot – Search and Destroy: Carnage was able to fend off and successfully trade rounds, but it wasn’t enough to stop the experienced tK team as they ended up still winning 6-4. This aloud tK to gain momentum going into the third map, now up 2-0 in the series.

Retreat – Search and Destroy: A hyped tK versus a distraught Carnage lead to a close 3-1 win in tK’s favor. This aloud them to take the series with a 3-0 sweep compared to the normal game five series one has been seeing in the Championship Winner’s Bracket. Now Carnage will have to make a run in the Championship Loser’s Bracket tomorrow.

OpTic Gaming (1) vs. JusTus Pro (2) – Alpha

Detroit – Hardpoint: JusTus was looking to take down the fan favorites, OpTic Gaming in tonight’s last Championship Winner’s Bracket match. JusTus had dominated a struggling OpTic Gaming winning 250-82 and taking the first round in the series.

Riot – Search and Destroy: OpTic Gaming looked to bounce back, and bounce back they did. OG was able to quickly take this round 6-2 on Riot SnD tying the series 1-1.

Retreat – Capture the Flag: OpTic was able to get themselves back together as they were able to get a several captures throughout the entire game under their name, while JusTus could only get one. With OpTic winning 3-1, they went up 2-1 in the series overtaking their opponents.

Comeback – Uplink: OpTic quickly gained a 5-0 lead for the majority of the game destroying JusTus. In the last minute of the game, JusTus was able to make incredible captures and cuts making an incredible comeback to win 6-5 against OG, tying up the series 2-2 to force a game five yet again.

Recovery – Search and Destroy: To finish the series, OpTic Gaming was able to win 6-3 with some clutch plays to take game five and the series 3-2 against JusTus Pro. This included a very nice 1v2 clutch two piece from Nadeshot.

Final Pool Play Standings

Group Alpha:

  • Prophecy: 3-1
  • OpTic Gaming: 3-1
  • Team Kaliber: 3-1
  • Noble eSports: 0-3
  • StDx ESPORT: 0-3

Group Bravo:

  • JusTus Pro: 3-0
  • OpTic Nation: 2-1
  • Automatic Reload: 2-2
  • Rise Nation: 1-2
  • Team Orbit: 0-3

Group Charlie:

  • Denial eSports: 3-0
  • FaZe Pro: 3-1
  • Stunner Gaming: 1-2
  • Clan Lucky Strike: 1-2
  • Team Vitality: 0-3

Group Delta:

  • Strictly Business: 3-1
  • Aware Gaming: 3-1
  • Team EnVyUs: 3-1
  • Carnage: 0-3
  • The Dream Team eSports: 0-3

This concludes MLG Columbus’ Day Two Recap. Let us know how you feel about today’s results.

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