25 October 2014 - 13:59

MLG Columbus: Day 1 Recap

A detailed recap of all matches that occurred in Day 1.
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The grand opening of the MLG.tv Arena consisted of surprising outcomes and comebacks that resulted in a very interesting bracket for when the tournament resumes Saturday.


  • Octane Domination: Both teams started off very slowly, but FaZe was able to gain the upperhand by gaining B Flag control. FaZe lead going into the second half 85-63. OpTic Nation capitalized on FaZe getting three down that resulted in a triple cap. OpTic Nation was able to make a 22 point comeback to take the first map in the series.

  • Octane Search and Destroy: FaZe quickly gained a 2-0 lead vs. ON with Karma getting a three piece on the flank. The first instance of the bomb glitch occurs resulting in a restart of the game with FaZe leading 4-2. FaZe ended up winning the map 6-2 and tying the series 1-1.

  • Octane Blitz: ON was able to gain map control first gaining two caps, Censor quickly counter attacked pulling it 1-2 in ON’s favor. Near the end of the first half Parasite was able give FaZe the lead in the final 20 seconds up 6-5. FaZe was able to close the game out 12-7 with 50 seconds remaining, taking the series 2-1.

  • Freight Domination: ON was able to grab two kills along with capturing the B Flag off the bat. FaZe continuously tried to push ON in a triple cap, but ON was able to keep composure and lead the first side 88-64. Again, ON was able to hold B Flag control giving them the win 173-122, tying the series 2-2. Both Killa and Mirx dropped 30+ kills.

  • Sovereign Search and Destroy: FaZe was able to quickly gain a two round lead vs. ON in the first few minutes. FaZe held a 5-2 lead and looked to be in control. However, ON came storming back thanks to a hyped up Mirx who dropped 14 kills. ON won the game 6-5 and the series 3-2 in a thrilling first series of the tournament.


  • Sovereign Domination: Within the opening minute, both teams constantly fought for B Flag control. MW was able to gain the B Flag advantage gaining map control. nV was able to regain some control but lost the first side 68-78. Formal was able to drop a 10 point streak going into the second round allowing nV to take a nice lead. Despite MW’s attempts to try and take the win, nV won by a narrow three points, starting the series 1-0.

  • Freight Search and Destroy: Formal continues to show his dominance by grabbing three kills to take the first round. nV was also able to secure the second round, but the score was quickly tied up by MW. The bomb glitch occurred for Formal causing a restart. The rounds went back and forth, but MW came out on top winning 6-5, tying the series 1-1.

  • Freight Blitz: nV started the map very aggressively as Formal was leading with 5 kills, yet MW fought back and played an even game. With the first half ending 10-7. nV and MW went back and forth leading a tie 13-13 forcing a replay. Replay - Freight Blitz: Unfortunately the stream dropped during this portion of the broadcast. nV ended up taking the win to make the series 2-1.

  • Octane Domination: MW started out strong, gaining B control and immediately pushing nV into a triple cap, however nV was able to regain control with a two cap. Near the end of the first round nV managed to secure a triple cap. The stream crashed resuming with nV up 144-96 in the second half. The stream went down again and nV ended up winning 194-121 winning the series 3-1.


  • Freight Domination: The match started out hot with Noble managing to secure the B flag and extend their lead over Rise. Noble goes up 90-57 vs. Rise in the first side. Going into the second side Noble yet again gain B control. Rise was able to reduce their deficit pushing Noble into a triple cap. Noble are able to gain little control taking the map 158-141 and series 1-0.

  • Sovereign Search and Destroy: Both teams take a round starting into the second map. Attach was able to get an ace bringing the series to 2-1 in favor of Rise. Rise was able to gain a 4-2 lead, yet Noble is able to go back and forth against them. Now tied 5-5, Pacman was able to get an important two piece allowing Rise to win 6-5, tying the series 1-1.

  • Warhawk Blitz: Noble was able to get four down within the starting minutes of the map. Chino was able to grab the first cap for Noble going up 1-0. Noble continued to carry their momentum holding a close lead up 4-3 by the end of the first half. In the second half, Rise was able to gain map control, but still ended up losing 8-5 vs. Noble.

  • Strikezone Domination: Noble start off the match with a triple cap, but quickly changes as Rise regain map control and gain a triple cap themselves. Players go down left and right, but Rise lead the first half up 90-69. Noble is able to gain B flag at the start of the second half bringing the point deficit back winning 159-149, taking the series 3-1.


  • Strikezone Domination: OpTic is able to take down three of Denial’s players gaining B control. Denial ends up flipping the odds taking a serious lead 98-54 by the end of the first half. Denial completely out slayed OpTic Gaming, leading to the 178-123 map win, and taking the series up 1-0 vs. OG.

  • Sovereign Search and Destroy: Denial quickly used their momentum to take the first two rounds of the map. OG quickly regained composure and gained a 4-2 lead. OG took a 5-2 lead after the bomb glitch occurred. OG ended up taking the win 6-3, tying the series 1-1.

  • Warhawk Blitz: With the highlight of Clayster dropping a 10 point streak, OG lead 6-3 at the first half. Denial is able to make a couple captures in the second half, but is stopped by OG’s sneaky captures winning them the map 13-8 and taking the series 2-1.

  • Freight Domination: OG was able to gain B control quickly, but they all went down right after. Denial triple caps to take a huge lead of 97-60 by the end of the first half. B flag is contested for two minutes until Denial gain the upper hand. Denial won the map 184-114, tying yet another series 2-2.

  • Warhawk Search and Destroy: Off the start Zooma is able to get three kills to win round one. Denial end up going 5-1 thanks to some impressive and aggressive play styles. Clayster gets an important clutch to bring it 5-2, but it’s not enough as OG lose 2-6 vs. Denial and lose the series 2-3. Scump surprisingly went 0-8 in game 5.
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