Max 2XP is live in Call of Duty: Vanguard

Enjoy the XP boosts.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Vanguard players can now enjoy “Max 2XP,” which doubles the XP gained in five separate in-game features. 

Grinding in Call of Duty can be daunting. You need to level up your account to unlock more weapons and items, and each weapon must be leveled up to unlock more attachments. You also need to grind through the battle pass to unlock premium content and your operators’ levels must increase if you want different skins. The good news is the new Max 2XP event will help you quickly unlock items and level up in five different sections of Vanguard.

The new Max 2XP event features double XP, double weapon XP, double battle pass XP, double operator XP, and double clan XP. This means you’ll earn twice as much XP across the game, making it easier to level up and unlock rewards. 

Fans can also enjoy a playlist update that adds Shipment 24/7, Bloodshed Blitz, and Champion Hill Duos and Trios. Shipment 24/7 guarantees intense games that are perfect for quickly earning XP. Use this mode and the Max 2XP to your advantage while they’re available. 

The playlist update also removed Ship Haus 24/7, Radar 24/7, and Paradise 24/7, but the new modes should satisfy your chaotic needs. 

It’s unclear when this Max 2XP event will end, but the in-game announcement says it’ll be “live for a limited time.” Based on previous double XP weekends, it should at least run through Sunday, Dec. 19.