Luminosity defeat Next Threat to kick off the Northern Arena Showdown

Octane and crew took care of business to begin this $30,000 tournament.

Screengrab via Northern Arena

The No. 1 seed in this weekend’s Call of Duty: WWII LAN event took care of business to begin the tournament.

Luminosity beat Next Threat 3-1 to advance to the winners bracket semifinals at the Northern Arena Showdown.

Josiah “Slacked” Berry, Sam “Octane” Larew, Jordan “JKap” Kaplan, and Johnathan “John” Perez began this eight-team invitational with a 250-235 win on Ardennes Forest Hardpoint. This opening map went back and forth, but Slacked led the way for Luminosity, producing a 37/30 scoreline.

Next Threat—Doug “Censor” Martin, Richard “Ricky” Stacy, Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, and Jared “Nagafen” Harrell—responded with a strong 6-3 victory on Ardennes Forest Search and Destroy. Following a 41-kill performance in map one, Methodz was on top of the leaderboard once again for Next Threat at 12/5.

Tied at 1-1, the series transitioned to London Docks Capture the Flag—which was an extremely entertaining map. Next Threat jumped out to an early lead, but then both teams started trading flag captures. With the game score tied at 4-4, John got a huge three-piece that led to the game-winning capture for Luminosity—they eventually won the map 9-4.

With a 2-1 series lead, Luminosity sent Next Threat down to the losers bracket with a dominant 250-156 win on Gibraltar Hardpoint. Slacked was on top of the leaderboard for Luminosity once again, producing a 34/17 scoreline.

Luminosity will advance to play the winner of Team Envy vs. Echo Fox, while Next Threat will try to make a losers bracket run at this weekend’s Northern Arena Showdown.