Infinity Ward confirms updates for akimbo revolvers and RPG in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The overpowered weapons will be fixed soon.

Image via Activision

The latest major update for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare went live around 1am CT today. But Infinity Ward also said it plans to address the overpowered akimbo snake-shots and RPGs soon.

Joe Cecot, the co-design director of multiplayer at Infinity Ward, confirmed the upcoming update earlier today.

“We are working on an adjustment for akimbo snake-shots in a smaller update,” Cecot said. “RPGs are also getting a tuning pass in the next big update to come later on.”

The akimbo .357 revolvers are overpowered with the right build. The snake-shot ammunition and akimbo perk turn the weapons into close-quarters killing machines. Other attachments can be used to improve the hip-fire accuracy of the weapon and the .357 long barrel increases the damage range. A Warzone player recently wiped two teams using the akimbo revolvers—if you encounter a player using these, it might be smart to run.

Fans will have to wait a little longer for a fix for the RPG, though, since it’ll be included in the next major update. This explosive weapon is especially effective in Warzone and can take out vehicles and teams with a single rocket. Players also spam RPGs in smaller multiplayer maps, which results in easy kills and frustrated enemy players.

Both weapons have ruined the multiplayer and Warzone experience for dozens of players over the past few weeks. Popular streamers, such as CouRage, have voiced their opinion about the overpowered weapons and the upcoming changes will likely be welcomed by the community.

There’s no confirmed date for either weapon update, but details will likely be released soon.