Infinity Ward “cleaning up” blue Regiment clan tag exploit in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

The bug confuses players to think their opponents are allies.

Image via Activision

The latest Call of Duty: Modern Warfare update introduced a bunch of season two content, including two weapons, a new Operator, and a game-breaking exploit.

The debut of colored Regiment clan tags has been a bit rocky. Players have discovered that changing the tag’s color to cyan makes the entire name above your Operator appear blue, confusing enemies to think you’re a friendly ally. But Infinity Ward is on the case, according to production director Paul Haile’s comment on a Reddit post yesterday.

“Colorized names are [sic] not intended to be something players can do,” Haile said. “We are doing a pass now to fix regiments that have offending tags set up causing their names to be colorized… This should be cleaned up soon.”

Haile also advises that players report opponents using the exploit so it can be on Infinity Ward’s radar.

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The exploit is clearly a big issue in a competitive setting since even one second of hesitation can cost a player their life. Online competitive platform Checkmate Gaming has even banned the use of colored clan tags in matches “due to the loss of auto aim assist” and “killfeed confusion.”

Though Haile hasn’t offered an exact time frame for the fix, Infinity Ward will likely deploy one in an upcoming hotfix.