How to watch the Call of Duty: Warzone Toronto Ultra $25K Payout tournament

Warzone pros and creators unite.

Image via Activision

The Toronto Ultra are back again with another community tournament in Call of Duty: Warzone.

The $25K Payout tournament returns for a second run, this time featuring duos of Warzone pros and content creators dropping in for the big prize pool on a Monday afternoon. The full list of competitors is still being confirmed, but with $25,000 on the line, it’s a safe bet that the top Warzone players will be finding their way online for the competition.

Some of the confirmed teams include Aydan and Swishem, BobbyPoff and ZLaner, Unrational and Jukeyz, Swagg and Slacked, Tommey and Overgirl, HusKerrs and p90princess, and Apathy and bbreadman.

The first-place team will take home $12,500 to split, with second place bringing in $7,500. Third place will win $3,000 and fourth place will win $2,000, so there’s plenty of dough to go around for the players joining in for the fun.

Here’s how to tune in and enjoy the festivities put on by Toronto’s CDL squad.

How to watch the Toronto Ultra $25K Payout Warzone tournament

The tournament begins at 2pm CT on March 28, and it will be broadcast on the official Call of Duty Twitch channel. The CDL’s own duo, MerK and Maven, will be casting the event with multiple perspectives and, as usual, tons of laughs.

The rest of the competitors will be streaming their perspectives within the Call of Duty: Warzone directory on Twitch. Viewers can use the directory to hop around and watch their favorite players as they advance in the event.