How to watch the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Nameless $10,000 Boomer Bash

Boomers and zoomers come together in CoD.

Image via Activision

Former Call of Duty pro and current CDL analyst Nameless is teaming up with the CDL’s Florida Mutineers for a $10,000 tournament this week.

The Nameless $10,000 Boomer Bash says it all in the name—the event will feature a bunch of "boomers," or older, former Call of Duty pros like Nameless himself. They will be playing Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

The four-vs-four event will feature three former Call of Duty pros and one current pro in best-of-five single-elimination matches. Eight teams will take part, and the participants are sure to be intense.

All of the action will take place on the same day, so be sure to tune in for a Friday night full of Black Ops Cold War fun, featuring a combination of "boomers" and "zoomers" alike.

Here's how to watch the tournament.

How to watch the Black Ops Cold War $10K Boomer Bash

The event takes place on Jan. 29 at 4pm CT, and it will take place on Nameless's Twitch channel.

The participants will likely be streaming, too, so you can check out their perspectives by browsing the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War directory on Twitch.

This tournament will be a fun event to watch before the Call of Duty League pros get back to real game action on Feb. 11 when the 2021 CDL season kicks off.