How to view your Call of Duty #VanguardReport and see your career stats

Your Vanguard stats will be available for all to see.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty’s Twitter account is back with a report to show off your Vanguard stats, with pride or sadness, on social media for all to see.

It’s all about the stats and bragging rights when it comes to who’s the best in your squad in Call of Duty, or any game, really. But now it’s time to flex those Call of Duty: Vanguard statistics to prove that you’re the best in the Ranked Play team.

Piggybacking off of the popular #WarzoneReport function, #VanguardReport is here to get an official tweet from CoD that shows some of your best (or worst) stats overall. And it’s a simple process that anyone with a Twitter account can do.

Here’s how to get your #VanguardReport:

  • Tweet to @CallofDuty with the hashtag #VanguardReport
  • Include your gamertag in your tweet (Activision ID)
  • To find your Activision ID in Vanguard, open up Settings, Account & Network, and select Activision Account.

Once done correctly, the official @CallofDuty account will reply to your tweet with an image showing off your statistics. It might not happen right away, so be patient. The #VanguardReport will show your eliminations/death ratio, total eliminations, wins, most eliminations in a game, and best killstreak.

And that’s all there is to it. Brace yourself for the whole world to see your stats!