How to use Stim in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

It can keep you alive in tough situations.

Image via Activision

The Stim in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is a useful piece of tactical equipment that instantly refills your health and tactical sprint stamina.

Players who prefer an aggressive playstyle should consider using Stim since it can keep you alive in challenging situations and provide an advantage over their enemies. Here’s how you can use this item in Modern Warfare.

How to use Stim in multiplayer

Using Stim in Modern Warfare’s multiplayer is relatively simple. Players just need to equip it as their tactical equipment after unlocking the item at level 47. The Stim instantly restores health when used and removes the blur effect when damaged. It also refills your tactical sprint ability, which allows players to escape danger quickly. 

Players can make Stims more effective by pairing them with the Restock perk, which recharges tactical equipment every 30 seconds. It’s best to use a Stim when in cover since it does take a couple of seconds to apply and can leave players vulnerable. Players can still shoot their weapon while using a Stim, but they can’t aim down sights. 

Make sure not to waste Stims since players only have two by default and will have to wait for them to recharge if the Restock perk is equipped. 

How to use Stim in Warzone

Players can also find Stims scattered around the Warzone map. The item functions the same way it does in multiplayer and can be a useful piece of tactical equipment. Warzone players will likely encounter several players in a match and a Stim can help them survive an intense gunfight. 

A Stim can also help you escape sticky situations when outnumbered by refilling your tactical sprint. Don’t be afraid to retreat and attack the enemy from another angle. This is often a better choice than a direct attack. A Stim can temporarily keep you alive in the gas, but make sure to use the extra time wisely by escaping the toxic area. 

Stims are also available from loadout drops, which provide access to a player’s custom loadout. Other tactical items, such as the Heartbeat Sensor, are viable in Warzone, so make sure a Stim is the best option for you and your team. 

The Stim is a powerful tactical item that can help turn the tides of an intense battle and keep you alive. Try it out in your next match and see if it’s a solid fit for your playstyle.