How to unlock the Tomogunchi watch in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Your new pet is waiting for you.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare fans can live out their childhood again with the newest addition to the game’s wrist bling.

Infinity Ward released the new Tomogunchi watch in today’s update, along with a retro-inspired commercial for advertising purposes. The accessory clearly takes inspiration from one of the biggest toy fads of the ’90s—Tamagotchi. Similar to Bandai’s handheld digital pet, players can care for the Tomogunchi and choose from a wide assortment of pet options, including what appears to be a panda bear, dog, and dragon.

“Engage with your pet as you play,” according to the “commercial.” “Feed it, monitor its moods, and help it evolve.”

Modern Warfare players can unlock the Tomogunchi bundle by purchasing it in the Store for 1,000 CoD points (or $10). In addition to the nostalgic watch, players will also unlock several dinosaur-themed cosmetics, like a calling card, emblem, charm, sticker, and spray.

Screengrab via Activision

Players can equip the watch from the Weapons tab during loadout selection, where it will initially take an Egg form. Over time, the egg will hatch and grow into a child, teen, and eventually an adult. To monitor your Tomogunchi, use the “watch interact” gesture with the up button on the D-pad for controller users or the up-arrow key on PC.

But make sure not to ignore your pet while gunning down enemy soldiers. Monitoring its mood is imperative to having a happy Tomogunchi. And you can feed your new friend by amassing kills, objective scores, killstreaks, and wins, according to Infinity Ward.

For more information on the Tomogunchi, read through Activision’s blog post.