How to unlock the MAC-10 and Groza in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War

Two new guns are coming with season one—and a third is soon to follow.

Image via Activision

Season one of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is bringing new maps, a new Operator, and, most importantly, two cool new guns—the MAC-10 and the Groza.

The MAC-10 is a “compact, blowback operated submachine gun [that] may be small in stature, but its ability to throw out lead at high fire rates allows it to punch up to the heavyweights,” Activision says. “It’s the fastest-firing SMG compared to the five available at launch, and that’s not all. The Mac-10 boasts a solid effective damage range and can be reloaded quicker than the average SMG.”

The second new gun, the Groza, is a “prototypical Soviet bullpup assault rifle known for its great handling speeds, allowing its owner to quickly aim down sights in the heat of battle,” Activision said. “With a fire rate and bullet velocity near the top of its category, expect to deal solid damage to a target down-range and with quick follow-up shots for whoever arrives as backup.”

The MAC-10 is unlocked at level 15 of the battle pass, while the Groza is unlocked at level 31. You’ll need to level up the battle pass to unlock both weapons, allowing you to use them and then rank up the weapons in kind.

The best way to unlock the weapons is to just play the game. Over time, you’ll rank up and eventually reach the levels needed to unlock them.

You can also use saved up CoD Points to buy battle pass tiers to reach the levels needed or buy the battle pass bundle that skips the first 25 tiers of the pass. But if you just play the game, you’ll get the weapons eventually.