How to get 2 free cosmetic bundles in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War before season one begins

"If it's free, it's for me."

Image via Activision

Activision announced an updated release date for season one of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War today and it’s six days later than what was originally planned.

To celebrate the release of season one, and thank players for being patient with the six-day delay, Activision is releasing two free cosmetic packs for Black Ops Cold War, including Operator skins for both Park and Garcia.

All you need to do to unlock the two free cosmetic bundles is log in to Black Ops Cold War between Dec. 8 at 12pm CT and Dec. 16 at 1am CT.

And that’s all there is to it. Players just need to head to the main menu of Black Ops Cold War to be eligible, but it couldn’t hurt to play a few games just to make sure and be safe.

The free bundles include the following:

Field Research Bundle

  • Epic Park Operator skin
  • Epic SMG blueprint
  • Epic reticle
  • Epic Calling Card
  • Rare Weapon Charm

Certified Bundle

  • Epic Garcia Operator skin
  • Rare Assault Rifle blueprint
  • Epic reticle
  • Epic Weapon Charm

Treyarch has not yet fully revealed the contents of the packs and what they look like, or what weapons the blueprints are for. But in the end, it’s free, so everyone should log in between Dec. 8 and 16 to grab them while they can.