How to fix dev error 6036 in Warzone

The dev error 6036 waits for new patches to strike back.

Image via Activision

Every Warzone patch is filled with various bug fixes and new content. It’s possible to create new bugs while fixing others, though, and Warzone players can encounter errors that prevent them from enjoying the game.

The dev error 6036 resurfaces generally after new patches and it can both appear in Warzone and Vanguard. The dev error 6036 often shows up during a match or while queueing up for one and kicks players out of their sessions.

When the dev error 6036 was bothering players in January 2022, Sledgehammer Games advised players to change their interface language to English. The error seems to be tied to localization files. A new patch can cause language files to corrupt and trigger the 6036 error to appear.

How to fix dev error 6026 in Warzone

Change your interface language to English in Warzone

Players that have a different in-game language than English can encounter the dev error 6036 more often in Warzone. Try changing the interface language before queueing up for another game.

Disable Cache Sun Shadows and Cache Spot settings

The dev error 6036 can also appear due to certain graphical settings. The Cache Sun Shadows and Cache Spot settings help with load times, but you’ll need to disable them to potentially fix the dev error 6036.

  • Launch Warzone or Vanguard.
  • Navigate to Settings.
  • Click on the Graphics tap.
  • Choose Quality
  • Scroll down until you see Cache Sun Shadows and Cache Spot Settings to disable them.

Check for updates

When errors of 6036’s caliber appear, developers often rush to push out a hotfix. These fixes go live in the form of small patches and downloading them can fix the dev error 6036.

Restart your gaming device

If you’re playing Warzone on a PlayStation or Xbox, restarting your device is going to be one of the quickest troubleshooting methods. When you restart your gaming devices, it’ll automatically check for updates both for your downloaded games and operating software.

Check-in with the community

When errors like the 6036 start affecting the majority of the player base, fans often check in with each other on community hubs, like Reddit. You may see error threads popping up and players generally share the solution methods that work for them.

Considering that error 6036 can appear due to different reasons, keeping up with the community will be the best way to find out the latest fix that gets rid of the error.