GloFrosty officially named final player on New York Subliners’ academy team

The team is finally complete.

Photo via Call of Duty League

The New York Subliners completed its academy roster today with the signing of Hamza “GloFrosty” Shaikh. GloFrosty is joining Prolute, Spart, and Saints for the upcoming 2021 Call of Duty Challengers season. 

GloFrosty has competed for various amateur teams and organizations since 2018. He recently started competing alongside his current teammates and together they won the fifth NA Call of Duty Challengers Cup last month and the Toronto Ultra 5k Holiday Snack 2020 in December. The Subliners’ academy team also qualified for Stage One of the 2021 NA Call of Duty Challengers 2021 Elite tournament. 

The Subliners started building its amateur roster in December and signed Diamondcon as the team’s first player. Prolute joined the team in early January and Spart was signed a couple of weeks later. 

But NY’s academy team lost Diamondcon when ZooMaa retired last month. Diamondcon was moved to the professional team’s starting roster, leaving the academy squad with two open spots. But CoD veteran Saints was signed earlier today and many expected GloFrosty to take the final opening. 

The roster now has a mix of Call of Duty veterans with professional experience and amateur players ready to make a name for themselves. The Challengers league now has a high level of competition that can almost rival the professional Call of Duty League. 

The Subliners academy team has had little trouble adapting without Diamondcon and has performed consistently since his departure. The team is finally prepared for the upcoming season and has established a talented roster. Fans will get to see how the new roster performs in the 2021 NA Challengers 2021 Elite tournament, which is set to take place this month.