Gfinity CWL London Final Placings

All 16 teams have shot their final bullets as Gfinity CWL London has come to a close.

The four-day Gfinity CWL London event has concluded and Orbit have earned the title of champions.

Despite losing to Splyce in the first series of the Grand Finals, Orbit came back in the second series to avenge their loss by beating Splyce 3-1. Along with their title, they walked away with a nice chunk of cash and CWL Pro Points. Here is the breakdown for all of the participating teams:


1st Place: $10,000 — 5,000 Pro Points

  • Orbit

2nd Place: $6,000 — 3,000 Pro Points

  • Splyce

3rd Place: $4,000 — 2,200 Pro Points

  • Team Elevate

4th Place: $2,000 — 1,800 Pro Points

  • Team Infused

5th-6th Place: $1,000 — 1,600 Pro Points

  • Team 3G
  • Aware Gaming

7th-8th Place: $500 — 1,400 Pro Points

  • Epsilon eSports

9th-12th Place: $0 — 1,100 Pro Points

  • FAB Games eSports
  • The Imperial
  • Millenium
  • Hadouken

13th-16th Place: $0 — 900 Pro Points

  • Bando
  • Team IN2ITION
  • Cyclone
  • Black Forest Games

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    Image Credit: London Shoeshine