Gfinity CoD Summer Championship: Event Predictions

In this article, you’ll find eSportsNation’s predictions for the Gfinity Call of Duty Summer Championship 2015 for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare.

In this article, you’ll find eSportsNation’s predictions for the Gfinity Call of Duty Summer Championship 2015 for Call of Duty®: Advanced Warfare.

*Note that these are ESN staff predictions and opinions.

Pool Play Predictions

Just like the Gfinity Spring Masters I tournament, Pool Play will consist of four pools of four teams, with the top two from each pool moving on to single-elimination bracket play. The bottom two teams in each pool will be done competing in the tournament. For more information on when Pool Play and Bracket Play will start, go read our Event Preview.

Group A: OpTic Gaming (NA), HyperGames (EU), Team EnVy (NA), VwS Gaming (EU)

  • 1st: OpTic Gaming (Scump, Crimsix, Karma, Formal)
  • 2nd: Team EnVy (JKap, Aqua, Octane, Loony)
  • 3rd: HyperGames (mAxxie, TonyJ’s, Veziok, RiskiN)
  • 4th: VwS Gaming (Realize, Nolson, Jake, SunnyB)

Coming off of their first LAN loss in months at UMG Dallas, OpTic should be playing with a purpose. No one in this group should threaten them too much. No need to say much else about them, because we all know who they are. Team EnVy’s form has been shaky lately to say the least, but expect this roster to perform well on LAN, especially against the European teams in this group. No disrespect towards them, but American CoD teams historically are more dominant over the EU teams.

Group B: FaZe Clan (NA), Team Infused (EU), Team Kaliber (NA), Liquid Gaming (EU)

  • 1st: FaZe Clan (Clayster, Enable, ZooMaa, Attach)
  • 2nd: Team Kaliber (Sharp, Neslo, NameLeSs, Theory)
  • 3rd: Team Infused (QwiKeR, LXT, Urban, MarkyB)
  • 4th: Liquid Gaming (Pibo, Duke, Ko1gaa, Donnyy)

After winning UMG Dallas, FaZe hasn’t cooled off. This roster is playing incredible, and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be stopping anytime soon. For some time now, Team Kaliber has been struggling both on LAN and online. The squad is talented and will be playing with passion, and that should be enough. Team Infused could stand as a threat though after they picked up Mark “MarkyB” Bryceland, and we’ll get to see the two teams face each other on the first day of the tournament. Expect the winner of that match to be the runner-up in this pool.

Group C: Team eLevate (NA), Epsilon.EU (EU), Rise Nation (NA), IGI eSports (EU)

  • 1st: Team eLevate (Slacked, Classic, Replays, SlasheR)
  • 2nd: Epsilon.EU (Joee, Rated, Reedy, MadCat)
  • 3rd: Rise Nation (Chino, Whea7s, Apathy, Burnsoff)
  • 4th: IGI eSports (Sowerz, vapeZ, Harleyy, Camboo)

Team eLevate’s roster for this event is a combination of the Team eLevate and Denial eSports rosters, because both squads had players under Gfinity’s age restriction. Both teams are dominant in America, so we’ll just have to see how their rosters mesh. Epsilon’s EU squad made the cut, and they’re looking good after dropping MarkyB and picking up Dylan “MadCat” Daly. The new Rise roster is solid as well, after Teegan “TcM” McCarthy was traded to Team Orbit for Matthew “Burnsoff” Potthoff, but expect Epsilon to win that fight.

Group D: OpTic Nation (NA), Vitality Storm (EU), TCM Gaming (NA), Spirit Gaming (EU)

  • 1st: TCM Gaming (Moose, Jurd, ACHES, TeePee)
  • 2nd: Vitality.Storm (Tommey, Joshh, Peatie, Watson)
  • 3rd: OpTic Nation (MBoZe, Ricky, Mochila, MiRx)
  • 4th: Spirit Gaming (FlexZ, EupHo, Sammy, peLukaa)

This group comes down to one thing: can TCM play like they did during the latter half of UMG Dallas? If they can, they win the group. If they can’t, they may struggle to even advance. Don’t count out Vitality.Storm though. As the Gfinity Pro League champions, these guys have shown how good they are. OpTic Nation is simply inconsistent. They could win this group, they could get last in this group, or they could do exactly how we think they will.

Overall Top 4 Predictions

  • 1st Place: FaZe Clan

    • $50,000
  • 2nd Place: OpTic Gaming

    • $25,000
  • 3rd Place: TCM Gaming

    • $10,000
  • 4th Place: Team eLevate

    • $5,000

Yes OpTic Gaming is great, yes TCM has been struggling online, and yes this isn’t eLevate’s normal roster. It usually isn’t smart to bet against OpTic, but it needed to be done this time. We were all pretty split on that decision. FaZe is just looking incredible right now. TCM and FaZe both need to perform as well as they did at UMG Dallas for these predictions to be correct, and eLevate needs to perform the way they have been online.

Do you agree with our Pool Play and Top 4 predictions? Which team do you think will do better than the ones we have predicted? Let us hear all your thoughts in the comments below, or let me hear it on Twitter – @esn_DeeGee. Stay informed over the weekend, and head over to our Twitter – @eSportsNation for all of the Gfinity Summer Championship coverage you need.