Every Old Wounds intel mission location in Call of Duty: Warzone

Time to track down a few cryptic bits of intel.

Image via Activision

Season five of Call of Duty: Warzone is adding another set of new intel missions to the map for anyone who’s already completed the previous set.

This week’s tasks are titled Old Wounds and will, as always, have players tracking six different objectives scattered around various parts of the Verdansk map.

Players will need to find clues that will point them to the exact point they need to visit to collect the intel. This will be done across several games too since you can’t collect multiple objectives in a single round.

Here’s where you can find the Old Wounds objectives in Warzone.

Objective No. 1

Screengrab via unnownrelic

The first location is a little bit cryptic. Once you arrive at the location listed, there’s no prompt given to interact with anything in the area. But don’t worry, the control room is where you want to be.

Don’t focus on the computers or any of the other monitor equipment. Instead, you can find a coin on the leftmost desk. Pick that up and you’ll have completed the first objective.

Objective No. 2

Screengrab via unnownrelic

The second piece of intel will also be in the prison, but this time, you will need to head to the second floor.

After looking around, you should find a prison cell with two beds inside, it will be marked with a Б. Head inside and approach the radiator set up along the wall to pick up the next objective.

Objective No. 3

Screengrab via unnownrelic

For objective three, you are going to again stick to the inside of the prison, which is going to be a trend for most of this intel grab.

You will need to run through the main shower area to reach this piece of intel. Stick to the right of side of the showers and start investigating cells near the back-right from the entrance to find the objective on the back of one of the toilets.

Objective No. 4

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You can actually exit the prison for a bit to make your way to objective four, beause it isn’t in the actual prison, but rather, it is located inside an office above the entrance of the prison.

The easiest way to reach the office is by dropping onto it immediately when you start a round, but this is also the simplest piece of intel to grab as it is just sitting on a desk inside.

Objective No. 5

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After a quick trip out of the prison, head back inside to the first sublevel ans start digging through prisoner cells until you find the one that was listed on the note, cell A3.

Once inside, you should find a small crate next to one of the beds. Interact with it and you should finally be able to leave the prison behind with your fifth piece of intel.

Objective No. 6

Screengrab via Incredilag

The last objective will have you braving part of the map that is in the red zone in pursuit of someone who escaped from the prison. You will need to make a quick dash to grab the last bit of intel because you will be taking damage while outside of the main map.

You should find a backpack out in that area propped up on a rock. Collect the intel from it and you will have completed the Old Wounds intel mission.