ESWC 2015: Event Preview

Find all the info on this year's ESWC

This weekend, eight teams will gather together in Paris for the Electronic Sports World Cup 2015 Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare Finals. On Sunday, we will find out who will be crowned champions of this years event.

The Event

The event will be played from May 2-3, 2015 and will be held at Zénith based in Paris, France.

The Layout

The eight teams that either qualified or were invited by the event hosts have been placed into two groups, Group A and Group B. The winners, and the runner-ups of the group will then be placed into a four team play-off bracket to determine the winner of the ESWC Call of Duty Finals.

The Groups

Both groups feature top sides from across Europe and North America, including the Call of Duty® World Champions 2015, Denial eSports.

Group A:

  • Barrage eSports (UK)
  • Millenium (FR)
  • OpTic Gaming (US)
  • Denial eSports (US)

Group B:

  • FaZe France (FR)
  • Team Revenge (US)
  • Epsilon eSports (UK)
  • Vitality Strom (UK)

The Broadcast Team

The broadcast team includes a variety of guest and casters with raw talent from across Europe. Here is a full list of the members in the broadcast team:

  • Jonas “OxygenJF”
  • Olivier “Asuka”
  • Alan “Bricey”
  • Christopher “Tunn”
  • Karim “MrLEV12”
  • Anil “WaRTeK”
  • Julien “SkyRRoZ”

The Schedule

Saturday – 1:00 PM CEST: Saturday’s matches will feature all group matches.

Sunday – 1:00 PM CEST: Sunday’s matches will feature the Semi-Finals and Grand Final.

You can find a f ull schedule here.


The event tickets are still available to the public. Due to the age rating of Call of Duty, any spectator under the age of 18 will have to present parental permission specifying that both the parent and the spectator are aware of this. As well as that, any person under the age of 13 without an accompanying adult will not be granted entrance.

You can purchase tickets here.

Who do you think will take the ESWC 2015 CoD Finals? Will Denial eSports get another win under their belt after their CoD Champs victory? Be sure to be on the lookout for our ESN predictions article coming out tomorrow.