Dr Disrespect says Call of Duty: Warzone is “phony” after emptying clips into 3 opponents and not killing any of them

"This phony ass f******g game."

Screengrab via DrDisrespect

It appears Call of Duty: Warzone has Dr Disrespect foaming at the mouth.

Since Warzone players can have up to 250 health with three body shields, it can take a long time to take a target out. The Twitch star came face-to-face with this feature during his broadcast today, sharing his frustration with how long it can take to eliminate someone in the battle royale.

“How any of these fucking guys didn’t go down?” Dr Disrespect said after being taken out. “This phony ass fucking game. I feel like people from Fortnite should easily just transfer… Come play this kid’s game.”

The madness began after the Doc got the jump on his first opponent, emptying a full clip into their back. Despite the Two-Time’s best effort, it wasn’t enough to eliminate his target. With another enemy approaching, the Doc pulled out an MP7 and unloaded another magazine, but it wasn’t enough to even take the shield out.

With a third and final adversary drawing close, the streamer landed plenty of shots and was still unable to claim a kill. Dr Disrespect was finally overrun and gunned down by the injured team, sparking an anger and spit-filled rant.

Though enemies go down far easier in Modern Warfare, the stakes are much higher in a battle royale. Infinity Ward followed suit with other games in the genre, like Fortnite and Apex Legends, giving players additional health to survive more shots. But it seems that the Doc isn’t quite fond of this mechanic.

To watch some more entertaining gameplay, tune in to the Doc’s Twitch channel.