CWL Dallas will have best-of-five series in the later rounds of the open and losers bracket

The prayers of open bracket teams have been answered.

Image via James Mattone

Open bracket winners round five and losers bracket round eight will now be best-of-five series instead of best-of-three at CWL Dallas, MLG announced moments ago.

In the past, open bracket teams had to fight their way through grueling best-of-three matches up until they qualified for pool play. Now, this change will make the qualifying matches for pool play and the championship losers bracket a best-of-five series, which is the more traditional format for a Call of Duty series.

Several players and teams have been asking for this change for a while now, so the community is elated by this news. CWL Dallas, which starts next week (March 17-19), will be the first test for this new format.

For more information on the round-by-round maps per series at CWL Dallas, view the link here.

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