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Here are several offensive strategies for Call of Duty: WWII's War mode—Operation Griffin

This map includes "three fast-paced combat scenarios with short and medium range gameplay."
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War is one of the newest game modes introduced in Call of Duty: WWII. During the private multiplayer beta for WWII, Operation Breakout was the only mission available. But now, two new missions have been added to the game at launch.

Operation Griffin is an action-packed map that features a battle between the Axis and Allied forces. War is an extremely team-oriented game, however—you'll find the most success in this game mode if you play with a set squad so you can effectively communicate and execute tactics.

War consists of two rounds, as each team gets a chance to play both offense and defense. The Axis, or offensive team, must complete three objectives in order to win the round, while the Allies, or defensive squad, try to prevent the Axis from finishing these tasks.

Each objective is timed, and if the Axis win both rounds, the squad with the fastest overall time is victorious.

This guide will provide a breakdown of each objective in Operation Griffin, as well as some tips and tricks to help you get the job done as quickly as possible.

Escort the tanks

The first offensive objective on Operation Griffin is to escort tanks into enemy territory. There are three tanks, and you have four minutes to advance at least two of them a certain distance. Stand in the vicinity of a tank to help it progress forward—but if the enemies get near it, they can push the tank backwards.

There are several different ways you can approach this task. If you're playing with a set group of six, you can attempt to do a full team push on just one tank. As long as all of you don't die at the same time, it'll be very difficult for the enemies to stop your advance.

Another strategy you can implement if you have a full squad is to do a three-man push on two different tanks. This is a little more risky, but if you work in unison with your teammates, you can get this task completed very quickly.

If you're struggling with any of these two approaches, you can try to do a sneak attack later in the round. While the enemies are preoccupied with your teammates on the other two tanks, you can go for a solo-push on the third tank. A solo-push can be helpful because the enemy team will either have to send someone to kill you, or you'll push that tank into enemy territory because they weren't expecting it.

Weaponry can vary on this operation for the most part, but we suggest assault rifles if you're playing further back from the tanks, and submachine guns if you're actually escorting it. The Airborne division is useful to help you get to the tanks quicker, while the Armored division can protect you from grenades while escorting the tank.

Steal tank fuel

If you succeed in escorting two of the tanks, the next objective is to steal the enemy's tank fuel in order to gas-up your machinery.

There are two fueling stations in enemy territory, both of which have two buildable walls protecting them. If you can get close enough to the fueling stations before your opponents build these walls, this task becomes much easier. Otherwise, you'll have four-and-a-half minutes to steal three gallons of gas from either site and bring it back to your tank.

B seems to be the easier fueling station to defend, so we recommend attacking A. If you flood the A site with the majority of your team, your opponents will likely be overwhelmed, and it'll be difficult for them to prevent you from stealing the gas.

Most of the gun fights in this phase of the mission are close-quarters engagements, so we recommend SMGs or shotguns if you're running into the fueling stations. If you're protecting your teammates or just watching choke-points, try using an assault rifle or sniper.

Once again, Airborne or Armored are probably the ideal divisions for anyone playing the objective.

Secure the bridge

If you complete the second objective, your final task is to escort your last tank and secure the bridge. You'll have four-and-a-half minutes to accomplish this—and trust us, you'll need every second.

This part of Operation Griffin is an absolute bloodbath. It's an all-out assault, with thousands of grenades flying through the air.

Pretty much anything goes for this objective. A wide variety of weaponry, divisions, and tactical equipment will be the most beneficial in helping you succeed. Make sure you have some way to protect yourself from grenades—like Hunker or Armored—so you can withstand your opponent's inevitable use of explosives.

Smoke grenades are also good for this part of the objective—they'll help minimize the effectiveness of your enemy's turrets.

Operation Griffin is a fun mission, but it can sometimes get frustrating—especially if you try to play solo instead of with a set squad. Make sure to play the objective in order to give your team the best chance to win. Try out some of these offensive strategies on Operation Griffin and see how quickly you can complete all three tasks.

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