Call of Duty players on PS4 ‘may have to make room’ to download Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War content, Activision says

Modern Warfare and Warzone take up roughly 170 GBs of storage space on PS4.

Image via Activision

After months of regular updates to enhance the games’ experience and offer new content to fans, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, including Warzone, and Black Ops Cold War might have become too big to both fit on a standard PlayStation 4 with other titles, according to Activision.

In that case, some players may have to uninstall one or both games, or packs, to open up space in the console’s memory storage, even though CoD: Black Ops Cold War was released less than a year ago.

CoD: Warzone’s season two went live earlier today with around a 17 GB download. In addition to adding more data to the console’s storage, it can require 100 GBs of free storage space to complete the download, according to Eurogamer—though this may only be the case on PS5.

In a recent blog post, Activision warned the community that players who own a standard PS4 with 500 GBs of storage space “may have to make room” to download Warzone‘s season two update if they downloaded the complete version and have all available packs in Modern Warfare and Black Ops Cold War installed.

“Should you have both games installed and have kept up to date with updates, you may need to delete some unused Game Content to have a successful download and install of the Warzone patch tonight,” Activision said.

Season two included, CoD: Modern Warfare and Warzone’s size averages 170 GBs on PS4, while Black Ops Cold War averages 95 GBs.

Although Activision tries to help players save space by compressing files and separating packs from the game’s base files, it also gets bigger with regular updates, which means this issue of storage space will only continue to get more complicated over time.

There are also many similar files in the three games, such as weapons from Black Ops Cold War added to Warzone, maps, and other content. But it still takes up more space to download them in each game.

This could become an issue for PS5 players who want to download many games on top of the Call of Duty titles since games can’t be moved to another storage device other than the SSD that comes with the console—and PS5 games take up a lot of storage space as is. The Black Ops Cold War game alone averages 135 GBs on PS5.

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