Clayster tees off on state of Gentlemen’s Agreements in Call of Duty Challengers

The three-time world champion is not happy with the latest round of changes.

Photo via Call of Duty League

New York Subliners star Clayster criticized the most recent Gentlemen’s Agreement in the Call of Duty Challengers scene, which banned the QBZ for the remainder of the Elite series.

In response to the ban, Clayster, one of the top assault rifle players in the Call of Duty League, said he was frustrated with another AR weapon being pushed out of competitive play. Weapons, attachments, perks, items, scorestreaks, and certain features are “GA’d” using a majority vote of the players, which Clayster says is the “corniest thing” because of the imbalance between AR and submachine gun players.

Screengrab via Twitter

“I honestly can’t stand this shit anymore,” Clayster said in a since-deleted tweet. “It’s not even for the betterment of the game like it used to be, all the people who ACTUALLY strived for that left the GA chat. It’s all just ‘what can make my team better/compete better,’ which is so ass backwards it makes ZERO SENSE.”

Screengrab via Twitter

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Clayster pointed to the fact that AR players have used numerous different primary weapons since Black Ops Cold War launched in November 2020, while only one SMG has been added to the GA list: the KSP 45. The weapon of choice for SMG players since launch has been the AK-74u, however.

Spart, a player on Subliners Academy, tweeted that he’d be using the QBZ in their Challengers Elite playoff match today despite the weapon being added to the GA list.