Call of Duty World League: Week 3 Power Rankings

eSportsNation's Week 3 edition of the power rankings for the first season of the Call of Duty World League.

Another week of action in the Call of Duty World League for Call of Duty®: Black Ops III has been completed, which means that it is now time for an updated edition of eSportsNation ’s power rankings for the North American teams participating in this league.

Just as a reminder, the point system for these power rankings will be calculated based on the rankings submitted by any of the eSportsNation staff members. These staff members were asked to rank the 12 teams in order from best to worst, with No. 1 being the best and No. 12 being the worst. Points will be rewarded to mirror a team’s ranking; for example, the first place team will receive 12 points, while the twelfth place team will receive one point.

After every week of action, we will be releasing another power rankings article where the teams will either move up or down based on how they perform in their matches, so don’t forget to check back here each week for the latest power rankings.

Without further ado, here are your power rankings for this week.

NA Power Rankings – Week 3 (Season 1)

1. OpTic Gaming (84 total points; 7 first place votes)

Receiving every first place vote from our staff, OpTic Gaming remains at the top of our power rankings for the third consecutive week. OpTic began the week with an impressive 3-0 victory over Rise Nation, followed by a 3-0 sweep of Luminosity. Looking ahead to this week, OpTic has a tough matchup against Team EnVyUs. If they are able to win that match, they will most likely continue to hold the number one spot in our power rankings next week once again.

2. FaZe Clan (77 total points)

FaZe Clan received every second place vote from our staff, which is no surprise as they continue to win against some of the best teams in the league. After taking down Rise Nation in Week 1, FaZe was able to defeat Team EnVyUs last week and will look to continue their win streak when they go head-to-head with H2k-Gaming this week. 

3. Team EnVyUs (67 total points)

  • Jordan “JKap” Kaplan
  • Patrick “ACHES” Price
  • Tyler “TeePee” Polchow
  • Austin “SlasheR” Liddicoat

Despite a tough loss to FaZe Clan in Week 2, Team EnVyUs remains in the third spot of our power rankings. EnVy was able to bounce back from their loss to FaZe with a 3-1 win over Question Mark, but Week 3 matchups against OpTic Gaming and Team eLevate will really put this roster to the test. 

4. H2k-Gaming (64 total points)

Even though they suffered their first loss of the season last week, H2k-Gaming rose one spot in our power rankings. H2k dominated Team Kaliber 3-0, but were unable to make the 0-2 comeback against compLexity Gaming and lost 3-1 to them in a very close series. H2k will look to rebound with a tough first matchup of the week against FaZe, and then round out Week 3 playing against Question Mark. 

5. Rise Nation (58 total points)

Suffering yet another loss, Rise Nation now find themselves at 2-2 with loses to FaZe and OpTic. Rise play Counter Logic Gaming and Luminosity Gaming in Week 3, which should be much easier matchups for them after facing one of the top two teams in each of the past two weeks. 

6. compLexity Gaming (46 total points)

Making one of the biggest jumps in our power rankings is  compLexity Gaming, who are up three spots after impressive victories against Dream Team and H2k-Gaming. The coL roster clearly fixed their mistakes from Week 1 as they now find themselves at 2-2 and will look to continue their winning ways when they take on Team Kaliber and Counter Logic Gaming in Week 3. 

7. Team eLevate (39 total points)

The return of Remy helped  Team eLevate remain in the seventh spot of our power rankings. eLevate was able to defeat Counter Logic Gaming 3-1 before falling 3-1 to Rise Nation, giving them a 1-3 record thus far for the season. In Week 3, eLevate will have some tough matches against Luminosity and Team EnVyUs. 

8. Question Mark (33 total points)

Question Mark continues to surprise fans everywhere, rising two more spots in our power rankings after being ranked last in our preseason power rankings article. Question Mark shocked everyone with a 3-2 win over Luminosity Gaming before falling 3-1 to Team EnVyUs. In Week 3, Question Mark will look to build off their 2-2 start when they face off against Dream Team and H2k-Gaming. 

9. Counter Logic Gaming (32 total points)

After winning their first match of the season 3-0 over Team Kaliber,  Counter Logic Gaming has gone up two spots in our power rankings. Despite their 1-3 record, CLG has played several close matches and will look to gain momentum from their recent victory when they take on Rise Nation and compLexity Gaming in Week 3. 

10. Luminosity Gaming (25 total points)

Luminosity Gaming took one of the biggest hits in our power rankings, dropping four spots since last week. A 3-2 loss to Question Mark and a 3-0 loss to OpTic Gaming put Luminosity at 1-3 on the season. LG’s schedule does not get much easier from here as they face off against Team eLevate and Rise Nation in Week 3. 

11. Dream Team (12 total points)

Despite an 0-4 record,  Dream Team somehow gained enough points to move up one spot in our rankings. Dream Team had a tough schedule last week, losing 3-2 to compLexity Gaming and 3-1 to FaZe Clan, but dT continues to put up a good fight in every match. Dream Team will look to earn their first win of the season in upset fashion this week when they take on Question Mark and OpTic Gaming. 

12. Team Kaliber (9 total points)

Finally, down four spots from last week, Team Kaliber find themselves at the very bottom of our power rankings for this week. Team Kaliber got absolutely dominated last week as they did not even win a single map, losing 3-0 to H2k-Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming. tK has another tough week ahead of them, with matches against compLexity and FaZe in Week 3. 

What do you think about our Power Rankings for this week? Are there any teams that you would rank higher or lower? Let us know by commenting below or tweeting us @eSportsNation .