Call of Duty: Warzone player wins with an infinite revive loop exploit

Gas in Warzone isn't very lethal.

Image via Activision

With over six million players parachuting into Call of Duty: Warzone, it was inevitable that players would eventually find something that broke the game.

While the launch so far has been remarkably smooth, MightyKonsti and Steve_Furz pulled off an unlikely Warzone victory by leaving no man behind—even in the thick of the gas cloud.

The duo, realizing that they had no way out of the gas cloud, decided that their only option was to revive each other until the gas eventually took their lives. To their surprise, neither of them actually died because of how the revive mechanics work in Warzone.

When players enter a downed state, there’s a secondary health bar that counts down how long the player has left to live before expiring. In Warzone, a revived player returns to life with all that secondary health instead of a set value.

This means that if a teammate immediately begins to revive you when you are downed, you will gain quite a bit of health. There’s no penalty for multiple deaths and revives, like PUBG‘s increasing time decay for multiple DBNO states.

While this mechanic encourages squadmates to look out for each other, it’s also what made the exploit possible. By standing beside each other and constantly reviving, MightyKonsti and Steve_Furz emerged victors in an unlikely battle of attrition.

It’s not the prettiest way to win, but Activision is unlikely to let this unfair exploit go on for too long. For now, keep an eye out for your buddy even if they are caught deep in the gas cloud.