Call of Duty: Warzone player gets kill with rock while spectating a 1-vs-1 in the Gulag

"Did I just hit him and kill him with a rock?"

Image via Activision

It seems it’s impossible to escape third-partying in Call of Duty: Warzone.

Twitch streamer DougisRaw was able to snag a kill during his broadcast yesterday while watching a one-on-one in the Gulag. All it took was a rock, a lucky throw, and some C4.

As the streamer was waiting for his turn in the Gulag, he decided to make a more interacting approach to spectating. But when DoughisRaw threw a rock into the pit, an explosive prompt popped up and his kill count increased by one.

“Wait, it said I just got the kill,” the streamer said. “Did I just hit him and kill him with a rock?”

It appears the rock thrown into the pit set off one of the player’s C4, exploding and taking one of the participants out. Not only did it earn DougisRaw a kill, but also helped a player win a “one-on-one” and return to the battlefield.

The Gulag is an interesting mechanic to the battle royale genre, giving players the opportunity to earn a respawn rather than relying on teammates. Players who win the one-on-one get instantly redeployed. Those that lose have to spectate their teammates and wait to be respawned from a Buy Station, which costs a steep $4,500.

Warzone is now live and free-to-play for everyone.