Call of Duty: Warzone player completes bounty in less than a second

This might be the world record.

Image via Activision

A Call of Duty: Warzone player almost instantly killed their bounty and now possibly holds the record for the fastest completed bounty. 

In a clip shared to Reddit today, the player and their teammates were looting in a house when they noticed a jeep driving in the distance. They shot at the enemies with a sniper rifle to see if they could get a lucky kill. 

The player’s teammate also activated a bounty just as the player fired a shot, which meant the bounty activated while the bullet was in the air. They managed to hit the enemy in the jeep, which almost instantly completed the bounty and left the team stunned at their accomplishment.

Bounties in Warzone are an excellent way to track enemies and acquire cash. The bounties are not always close by and can sometimes be across the map and impossible to reach. The player not only hit an incredible shot but was also lucky that the enemy was so close. 

It's unclear if this is the fastest bounty ever completed, but it's surely a contender. Players have completed bounties by executing an enemy as their team activated the bounty, but the execution animation is likely longer than it took for the bullet to reach the target. 

Other players pointed out that the bounty activated while the bullet was traveling towards the target, which means it completed in less than a second after being activated. This is still an impressive accomplishment regardless if it is the world record and is a tough time to beat.