Call of Duty: Warzone fans are overwhelmingly in favor of a higher health pool

Warzone players seem to really enjoy Vanguard Royale's 150 health.

Image via Activision

A recent poll posted by Call of Duty: Warzone developer Raven Software suggests that the game’s player base is very interested in an increase to player health in battle royale.

Recently, the health pool was increased to 150 in Warzone’s Vanguard Royale mode, which limits player loot to weapons and gear only found from the World War II era in Vanguard. Judging by the player response, it’s been a big hit.

The poll, posted by Raven on Twitter, showed that those who voted were overwhelmingly in favor of the health increase to be added to normal battle royale mode, too. Out of over 75,000 votes, 72.3 percent of voters want the health to be increased to 150.

The belief is that the 150 health pool widens the skill gap a bit and leads to a decrease in flukey deaths. In general, a longer time-to-kill in Call of Duty games seems to be more favorable among the player base.

Increasing health to 150 would put the health pool somewhere between regular battle royale’s 100 and the 250 of Iron Trials, a popular limited-time mode that also increases health regen delay timer and decreases regen overall.

The increase in health could be coming in a future update for Warzone, or it could be tabled for the time being and kept in Vanguard Royale while further testing is done. But with how adamant the players seem to feel about the change, don’t be surprised if it shows up sooner rather than later.