Call of Duty Power Rankings (8/6/15)

These are the official Call of Duty power rankings provided by the staff here at eSports Guru.

These are the official Call of Duty power rankings provided by the staff here at eSports Guru. After several weeks of the MLG Pro League and other events such as the Gfinity Summer Championship this past weekend, the staff listed their top 12 teams in North American Call of Duty. Your rankings can be included as well! In the comments, list your top 12 teams (all must be participating in the MLG Pro League) and we will use them to help create next week’s official rankings. Check out last week’s power rankings here.

(-) 1. Faze Clan

(-)  2. Optic Gaming

(-) 3. Denial eSports

(?) 4. Team EnvyUs

(?) 5. Optic Nation

(?) 6. Elevate

(?) 7. Team Kaliber

(?) 8. Isolation Empire

(?) 9. TCM Gaming

(?) 10. Team Orbit

(?) 11. Rise Nation

(?) 12. Epsilon

Rankings scale: 1st place = 12 points , 2nd place = 11 points , 3rd place = 10 points, 4th place = 9 points , 5th place = 8 points , 6th place = 7 points , 7th place = 6 points , 8th place = 5 points , 9th place = 4 points , 10th place = 3 points , 11th place =2 points , 12th place = 1 point

With the state of the MLG Pro League, it has been difficult to judge teams based off of their performance in it. Teams like Optic Gaming have not had a complete match in almost two weeks due to player booting, awarding wins to lower ranked teams. While MLG is busy sorting the mess out, the second Gfinity LAN occurred this past weekend, giving insight into how some of, but not all, the teams in the MLG Pro League are meshing.

*Teams such as Elevate did not field their MLG Pro League roster. Denial, Isolation Empire, Team Orbit, and Epsilon were not invited to attend.

LAN events impact our rankings much more than online play. We had Faze at the top of the list last week (to some criticism), but they proved us correct by winning the event. Optic Gaming naturally came in second place and are seen there in our rankings.

Teams that dropped include TCM Gaming and Elevate, though Elevate may have only dropped due to impressive performances by Optic Nation and Team EnvyUs who rose in our rankings. Epsilon sits at the bottom of the list, but with Parasite on the team now things may change. Rise Nation, though looking better online with the addition of Apathy and Burns, did not impress at Gfinity. They change from 12th to 11th as a result, though it could have been higher had they played well.

Our top 3 teams have not been placed anywhere other than top 3 since we began our power rankings. Teams that have sat near the middle are Team Kaliber and Isolation Empire, and they don’t seem to be going anywhere. The bottom dwellers have also been fairly consistent. With changes to the MLG Pro League format, full matches should be played out and the online play will become relevant again for our system.

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