Call of Duty players discover new Modern Warfare glitch to avoid Cruise Missile damage

This glitch renders the Cruise Missile useless.

Image via Activision

Cruise Missiles were once feared as one of the deadliest killstreaks in Call of Duty. But a new glitch that was found earlier today prevents it from dealing damage in Modern Warfare.

A Reddit user found that by staring directly into the sky when a Cruise Missile was aimed at him, he could survive the impact. This doesn’t include splash damage, however, so players will have to watch out for any near-misses. 

To replicate this glitch, players have to look straight up at the sky and watch as the Cruise Missile falls from above. The missile will explode on impact, like normal, but it occasionally won’t deal damage to the player or enough damage to kill a player. 

This might not be the only method to avoid a Cruise Missile, however. Another Reddit user said that it’s possible to avoid the killstreak if players jump at the precise moment. But this is likely difficult to replicate and perform consistently. 

Players could avoid the impact of Cruise Missiles by using a Riot Shield if it was equipped, but this glitch prevents the weapon from being used to its full potential. 

This will likely be patched soon since it renders the Cruise Missle useless if players abuse the glitch. Therefore, a patch will likely arrive after the release of season one on Dec. 3.