Call of Duty player dies 5 times to their own Cluster Strike in Modern Warfare

"Friendly fire will not be tolerated."

Image via Activision

Rust is one of the most iconic maps in Call of Duty history. Players have settled many of their differences on the dusty map over the years and the map made a welcome return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

The map is incredibly small and often spawns players directly into combat, which can be annoying but fun. One player didn’t have the best luck, however, and was killed five times in a row by their own Cluster Strike.

A Reddit user uploaded a clip of their multiple deaths from their own air support earlier today. The player was on a four killstreak before they called in their Cluster Strike.

The killstreak seemed to be placed far enough away to not harm the player, but Cluster Strikes aren’t always accurate. The strike killed the player and started a domino effect of embarrassing deaths.

The player spawned in four more times and was immediately killed by their own air support. There was nowhere for the player to hide and they were forced to continue to die until the Cluster Strike was finished.

The player appeared to be playing a Hardcore mode based on the “Friendly fire will not be tolerated” message that appeared on-screen. It’s possible that some of the player’s deaths from this streak were caused by the team-killing penalty in Hardcore game modes.

Some Reddit users comforted the player with Fs in the comment section while others claimed it was payback for camping.

This isn’t the first player to experience a string of unlucky spawns on a Modern Warfare map, though. Another player was recently killed four times in a single kill cam by the same player on Shipment. Rust and Shipment continue to be the home of intense combat and unlucky spawns that provide great clips like these.