Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s normal Gunfight mode will return soon

The limited time OSP mode will be gone.

Image via Activision

Fans of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s two-vs-two Gunfight mode can get excited for the mode’s return thanks to a tweet from an Infinity Ward developer.

Multiplayer designer and Gunfight co-creator David Mickner replied to a tweet from popular streamer Tyler “Ninja” Blevins tonight, confirming that normal Gunfight will come back and replace the limited time mode Gunfight OSP.

Ninja’s tweet called for the return of Gunfight, and Mickner’s reply prompted an “I love you” out of the former Halo pro and current Fortnite and Mixer streamer.

“Normal Gunfight will be back soon, but I’ll use this as ammunition to keep it around the next time we run a limited time mode variation of it,” said Mickner, confirming that even if Gunfight OSP or another variation comes back, the normal Gunfight will stick around too.

In Gunfight, all four players spawn in with the same random loadout. In Gunfight OSP, guns and equipment are found and picked up around the map. It seems like the community as a whole prefers the original variant, so this is good news for CoD players everywhere.

No specifics were given on when Gunfight would return, but CoD: MW’s playlist updates are rather frequent, so it could be as early as this week.