Call of Duty: Modern Warfare playlist update adds new game modes

Get ready for intense action.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is receiving a playlist update this week that will bring back a few popular game modes and introduce some new ones.

Shipment and Shoot House will both receive their own 24/7 playlists, which fans of intense firefights will enjoy. Gun Game will also be playable on Gunfight maps, which should put a unique twist on the classic party mode but will make the matches more hectic and intense.

Fans can also enjoy Deathmatch Domination, which is a mashup of traditional Domination and Team Deathmatch. Players can earn points for holding objectives and eliminating enemies, which is a nice twist on the classic mode.

Drop Zone will receive its own playlist too where players can earn streaks by holding the objective. Warzone fans will also be able to enjoy the Plunder Quads playlist and dive into the action with their squad.  

Several playlists, such as Realism Mosh Pit, Hardhat 24/7, Clean Up on Aisle 9, and Reinfected Ground War, are being removed to make room for the new content. BR Trios Classic and Blood Money Trios are also being removed for the time being.

Some players have expressed their feelings about playlists rotating in and out of the game. A lot of players missed the 24/7 Shoot House and Shipment maps while others are sad to see Realism Mosh Pit leave the game. The playlists rotate regularly, however, so fans won’t have to wait too long before their favorite mode returns.

Modern Warfare fans will also enjoy Double XP, Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass tier progression starting on Friday, May 29 at 12pm CT. The XP bonuses will be available in multiplayer and Warzone.