Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players report bug that prevents experience gains after today’s update

Weapons and profiles aren't leveling up.

Image via Activision

Today was slated to be a day of joy for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players after the new update addressed a myriad of issues. But a new bug seems to have emerged from the ashes—and it’s messing with players’ XP.

Modern Warfare fans are complaining of broken XP gains, which is preventing players from leveling up their profiles or weapons. One player’s Reddit post from earlier today claims that they tested out multiple guns but the problem persisted, an issue echoed by others in the comments.

Image via Infinity Ward

“I noticed my Kilo 141 was stuck on level 59 877/2,400 XP after three Ground War games and tested four other guns,” the player said. “None of them earned any XP which means no new attachments. I asked in match chat if anyone else was earning weapon XP and many said they weren’t, others said they were so it seems to not be affecting everyone.”

While the player initially thought it was only affecting weapon experience, a number of other players reported it extending to their Modern Warfare profiles as well.

“After double checking I haven’t earned any profile XP either so it seems XP gains are broken across the board and it isn’t just weapons,” another player said. “Challenges were progressing as normal for me though and camos too.”

The issue doesn’t appear to be affecting all Modern Warfare players, however. But the bug extends across Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

If broken XP gains continue to plague the Modern Warfare experience, Infinity Ward will likely send out a hotfix to remedy the bug.