Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players are reporting missing CoD Points after Update 1.10

Activision is aware of the issue.

Image via Activision

Season one of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare launched today. And though Infinity Ward promised that it’s the “biggest free content drop” in the franchise’s history, it may actually be costing players money.

Update 1.10 barely made it an hour out of the gates before a slew of Modern Warfare players tweeted the Activision Support Twitter with complaints of missing CoD Points.

“After this new Modern Warfare update I no longer have the CoD Points I should,” one player said. “I had 3,000 from the Operator Enhanced Edition now shows 100.”

CoD Points have been a feature throughout the majority of the Call of Duty series. In Modern Warfare, CoD Points are an in-game currency that allows players to buy items and make microtransactions.

The Operator Enhanced Edition of Modern Warfare awarded players with 3,000 CoD Points, along with an XRK Weapon Pack, a custom Tactical Knife, and three Operator Packs. But it seems like the latest patch may have mistakenly deleted players’ CoD Points.

But the situation may not be as dire as it seems. Activision’s support team asked an unlucky player to direct message their Twitter to resolve the issue.

With Infinity Ward and Activision aware of the CoD Points issue, it’ll likely be addressed in a hotfix or on a case-by-case basis.