Call of Duty: Modern Warfare player executes an enemy 3 times in a row

You hate to see it.

Image via Activision

Executions are one of the most satisfying ways to kill enemies in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Every operator has a few unique finishing moves that force players to watch their own deaths in a short cinematic animation.

One player was executed three times in a row in the same spot yesterday and had no choice but to repeatedly watch their unlucky deaths.

A player was playing on the new map, Khandor Hideout, when they encountered an enemy aiming out of a window. The player sneaked up behind them, assassinated them in impressive fashion, and jumped out of the window to find their next target. They immediately saw the same player run back into the house, so they quietly followed in hopes of killing them two times in a row.

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The enemy player returned to the same window looking for revenge but didn’t realize it was already too late. The player assassinated them for the second time in the same location, which would make any normal player angry. They weren’t done embarrassing the player yet, however, because the enemy failed to accept their fate.

The enemy player foolishly entered the building for a third time to try to redeem themselves. The player once again sneaked behind them and waited for their chance to complete their hat trick. They managed to crouch behind the player and initiate a third and final execution on the unsuspecting enemy. The enemy was forced to watch the kill cam for a third time as they lost the match in a 200-0 shutout.