Best Fantasy Call of Duty Picks For MLG Finals Day 1

The end of Advanced Warfare is here and is going out in style. For the first time, Major League Gaming will be hosting their year-end tournament, the MLG Finals.

The end of Advanced Warfare is here and is going out in style. For the first time, Major League Gaming will be hosting their year-end tournament, the MLG Finals. By far the largest event they have ever hosted, and also their 100th all-time, the MLG Finals will feature Call of Duty, DOTA 2, Smite, and Smash.

While watching from home, fans have the opportunity to make a little money by entering fantasy Call of Duty contests on sites like Vulcun. The fantasy eSports site offers a variety of contests and will be covering Call of Duty as well as DOTA 2 this weekend.

Have you made a fantasy roster yet? If not, we will give you a few tips to help you choose the best possible fantasy Call of Duty line-up.


First things first: you must know the rules before choosing your line-up. Proper understanding of how your fantasy roster earns points is crucial and will help you in making the right decisions. On Vulcun, the rules for fantasy Call of Duty are easy. You start with a “salary” of $10,000 and can choose 8 total players. Each player has a given value, so you can expect the best players to be worth the most. You can only choose 3 players from the same team, and you elect one of the 8 players as your “shotcaller”, who will earn 25% extra points. The best shotcallers are the players you expect to earn the most fantasy points to begin with, and making them shotcaller just inflates their numbers. After that, the scoring is very simple.

Points are calculated exactly the same as they appear on the official game across all game modes (Uplink, Hardpoint, Search & Destroy) – as stated by Vulcun. This means that the in-game score, shown on the scoreboard at the end of each map, is the same score used by Vulcun when determining fantasy points.


It’s extremely important to see who is playing who when deciding on your roster. While fantasy contests are considered skill-based, you need to determine which match-ups will generate the most fantasy points. During the group stage, teams will play each other in best-of-5 matches. If one team blows out the other team, only 3 maps will be played. However, if the teams are very equal in skill it might go to the last map, and these matches will generate the most fantasy points for your team.

The matches being covered by Vulcun on the first day:

  • Optic Gaming vs Infused
  • Faze vs Vitality Storm
  • Denial eSports vs Epsilon eSports
  • Faze vs Isolation Empire
  • Optic Gaming vs Team Kaliber
  • Elevate vs Team EnVyUs

The first thing you should notice is that both Optic Gaming and Faze are set to play 2 matches on the first day while every other team is only playing 1. This means that they will play no less than 6 total maps and the possibility of 10 while every other team can only play a max of 5. Optic Gaming and Faze also happen to be the best teams in the game at the moment (which is probably why they will be featured twice) and as result their players are worth the most in terms of salary. It would be a wise idea to choose 3-4 players from Optic Gaming and Faze (combined) and name one of them your shotcaller.

Who makes a good shotcaller? Players with a lot of slaying power are going to be the best shotcallers. These are the guys that run around with a sub and just shoot their way around the map, accumulating kills, objective points, and a lot of deaths. The good thing is that the deaths don’t matter! According to the scoring system, all that matters are kills and objective work.

When considering players based on game mode, think about respawn modes and don’t worry too much about Search and Destroy. Each match plays out Hardpoint > Search and Destroy > Uplink > Hardpoint > Search and Destroy. First of all, matches will always include more respawn modes than SnD, and the points earned in SnD are only a cherry on top, not the whole piece of the pie. According to the in-game score, players that excel at Hardpoint are going to earn you the most fantasy points. This is due to the length of the match and number of engagements, as well as the number of hill caps, which far outnumber the amount of objective work performed in Uplink or Search and Destroy.


Optic Gaming – With a line-up of Scumpi, Karma, Crimsix, and Formal, you really can’t go wrong. Optic Gaming has been ranked #1 or #2 in the world throughout the entirety of Advanced Warfare. For the Day 1 matches, it is highly recommended that you choose at least one member from this team. If you do, choose Scumpi and make him your shotcaller. Thank us later.

Faze – Same with Optic, Faze has been a top team throughout Advanced Warfare and is likely the tournament favorite headed into MLG Finals. With Clayster, Enable, Zooma, and Attach, all of the players are highly skilled and will earn a lot of points on Day 1. Best bet: Zooma.

Vitality Storm – This is a team coming out of Europe and features 4 well-known players: Tommey, Madcat, Joee, and Swanny. They are not likely to put up a good fight against Faze unfortunately, but you might want to choose one player due to the salary cap. Madcat might be the way to go.

Denial eSports – They are a top team, but only play one match on Day 1. Each player on Denial is worth more in salary than any of the players on Vitality Storm and will have a tough match against Epsilon. Could it go to map 5? If so, think about bringing on Huke.

Epsilon – At the MLG Pro League season finals, Epsilon made a huge run through the bracket. Royalty put up numbers for the team, but they dropped him and now it’s difficult to decide who to choose amongst Parasite, Aqua, Remy, and Nagafen. Avoid choosing any of these players on Day 1 unless you have faith they can beat Denial or you need to based on salary.

Infused – Another European team and they are forced to play Optic Gaming first match. The players are all cheap but are unlikely to earn you a lot of points on Day 1.

Isolation Empire – With Dedo, Havok, Silly, and Llama God sticking together for the past few months, Isolation Empire has a good shot at going the distance with Faze in their first match. All of these players have put up numbers, why not give Silly a shot? He is relatively cheap and can definitely average decent number of points. Dedo is on-and-off and worth way too much in this situation, so you want to make sure you budget appropriately.

Team Kaliber – This is a roster that has been average for just about the entire year and they play Optic Gaming on Day 1. Can they go the distance? If there is a player on this team that is going to earn you points, it’s Apathy. He would also make for a great shotcaller on a day where TK has more matches, so keep that in mind on Day 2 and 3 if they make it that far.

Elevate – The players on this roster are pretty cheap for the number of fantasy points they can earn you! They play nV on Day 1, a match that might go the distance. All of the players are pretty good picks, but Saints might be the best bet based on slaying as well as salary.

Team EnVyUs – A few unexpected roster changes created this new nV roster. Loony and Jkap have been around a while, and Loony makes for a decent pick. Also on this team is Jurd, and his salary is a great representation of his worth. Though he might not slay as well as guys like Scumpi or Zooma, Jurd is a monster when it comes to objective points. However, he costs way too much for Day 1. In fact, all the guys on this roster are too expensive for 1 match and you are better off picking Elevate players, even if you think nV is going to win.

Pick strong and prosper! Visit Vulcun to make your fantasy roster today!