Battle Royale Quads is back in today’s Call of Duty: Warzone playlist update

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Image via Activision

Battle Royale Quads is back—and it’s music to most Call of Duty fans’ ears.

Today’s Call of Duty: Warzone playlist update marked the return of the popular Quads mode to the battle royale. This replaces Realism Quads, which increased headshot damage and featured a limited HUD.

Players were initially confused at the removal of BR Quads last week, which temporarily took away the ability for four friends to jump into a typical Warzone match together. Popular streamers even chimed in to show their dissent for the swap.

“Why remove one of the staple game modes?” YouTube content creator CouRage said. “We now have to kick out our 4th player?”

But these complaints seem to have been heard, loud and clear. It’s unclear if Infinity Ward has plans to remove BR Quads again in the future, considering how unpopular the decision was.

The playlist update also includes Boots on the Ground War, Realism Mosh Pit, All or Nothing, Face Off, and Stir-Crazy for Modern Warfare. Plunder Quads will replace Blood Money in Warzone, too.