Are Call of Duty: Warzone’s servers offline?

Typically these issues are resolved shortly.

Image via Activision

Following the release of Warzone in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare yesterday, some players are experiencing difficulties with connecting to the online servers. 

Although outages are typical for most large game releases, some may experience different problems. The most common problem for players seems to be regarding the servers at Activision rather than user-end issues like the internet cutting out unexpectedly, for example. 

Most issues arose yesterday upon the game mode’s release, with over 100 reports regarding the server connection and login issues. Today, there have been a few hundred reports in total but nothing that suggests a worldwide outage for Warzone, according to DownDetector. So players should be able to play the game mode with few issues. 

These issues are seemingly centralized in Southern and Western Europe alongside the West Coast in the U.S., according to the Live Outage map.

But this does mean that some players may be experiencing issues with the Warzone servers. 

Most users are likely experiencing issues with the servers but some could be reporting problems with the console itself. But the Playstation Network service is fully operational while isn’t reporting any issues on PC.

Most of the problems were likely caused by the large influx of players trying to play Warzone at the same time. This could overload the server capacity and cause a slow connection for some users or deny their request to play the game mode entirely. But it seems like most of these issues have been fixed.

Players can stay up to date with all issues on the Modern Warfare Trello board, which will be regularly updated with Warzone bugs and known issues.